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Monday, July 4, 2016

Sleep Easy with Peaceful Panda

Sleep sometimes eludes even the best of us.  I find that sleep is essential for me to make it through the next day.  My children also need copious amounts of sleep.  So, why if we are so tired is it so difficult for sleep to come?

I often lie awake at night tossing and turning - trying to find a comfortable way to lay or often my brain just won't let itself shut down.  On the other hand, my children have a difficult time winding down.  They seem to have developed into quite the trio of night owls. 

Another huge problem for a lot of families this time of year is children getting out of the normal routines while on summer holidays.  Thus, breaking up their sleep schedules and cycles. 

Peaceful Panda Intervenes

First off, Peaceful Panda is super sweet to look at.  I just love his cute and cuddly little self, and just looking at him gets me in the mood for sleep.  Now, you may be asking if this product is intended for adults or is it for children.  I say, both!   While Peaceful Panda is rated for newborns and up, I can see how having him on your (adult) bed would be just fine, too. (I might just be a big kid at heart, after all.)

Peaceful Panda is from my friends at cloud b.  It's been a while since I featured a cloud b item, yet, that doesn't mean that I've forgotten about them and how wonderful their products are.   Cloud b are known for offering us products with a purpose.  Not only are they soft and cuddly, cloud b stuffies are designed to offer children (and adults) a sensory experience. 

Peaceful Panda attaches easily to the side rail of a crib or toddler bed, or can just sit on his own for those of us who are bigger kids.  He offers eight soothing sounds to put us in a relaxing state of mind, which allows us to drift off to dream land. 

Connect with cloud b through their social channels.  Thank you to cloud b for offering this feature on the blog....and Good Night!

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