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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Monster Jam Knows How To Entertain #MonsterJam

We went to our very first, (and it won't be the last, that's for sure) Monster Jam at Budweiser Gardens in London, Ontario.   Since it was our first show I didn't realize how fun, interactive and loud it was going to be!

Monster Jam Knows How To Entertain

Those big trucks and their skilled drivers surely know how to entertain and show off their skills.   The performance is non-stop action and fun, but what impressed me most is how interactive the show is with the audience.

At our performance there was eight Monster Trucks that each took a turn in competitions, such as speed, wheelies, donuts and freestyle.  Each Monster Truck was judged and scored and a winner was crowned at the end of each round.  In between competitions we were entertained by crowd warmers or ATV racers who were local to our area of Ontario.

I loved how the announcers and crowd warmers were so interactive with the crowds, getting us excited about, and involved in the show.  While, watching the action is a lot of fun, feeling involved just took the experience to the next level.

The show is approximately two hours and had one intermission.  During the intermission we were able to get a snack at the food booth and peruse the Monster Jam souvenirs available for purchase.

The second half of the show was the freestyle competition which was intensely fun to watch.  Both my children (ages 12 & 9) sat on the edges of their seats and I watched them cheer on their favourites.  My son loved Bounty Hunter and my daughter is a big fan of Monster Mutt.  

After the show was over Monster Jam fans had the opportunity to meet and greet all the drivers and get their autographs.   By the time we got to the line, it was pretty long, so we didn't get into the cue, but now we know that the drivers take the time to sign autographs we will be better prepared next time.

My daughter is a big fan of Monster Mutt and wanted a souvenir to remember the show.  However what she was wanting was sold out except the one which was zip-tied to the display.  A very kind Feld Entertainment supervisor overheard us asking about it and offered to jump up and get it down for her!  I was blown away by his willingness to go out of his way to make the experience extra special for a young Monster Jam fan.  Thank you.

Monster Jam was an awesome way to spend an afternoon with my family.  It was fun and full of thrills.  Monster Jam was a great experience and one we won't soon forget.

Check out Monster Jam on facebook and on twitter and be sure to look for them at a city near you as they tour around.  

Note: I am a Feld Family Activator and will receive special perks.  This blog contains my personal opinions.  

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