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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Tips & Tricks In The Kitchen

Budget Food
Like it or not, budgeting for food related expenses is an important part of getting the most for your dollar. Since many of us lead very busy lives, the temptation to eat off the value menu at the local burger joint on a consistent basis can be tempting. But did you know that there is a wide range of better options? For example, you can limit your food costs by clipping coupons to save money, or take advantage of many Kohl's coupons from Discountrue available online. Read on to learn more about some helpful hints!

Eliminate Alcohol 
Not only does alcohol consumption tend to lead to poor eating decisions (how many times have you woken up from a night of drinking, regretting the bad choices you made the night before?), but it also ends up becoming a larger portion of your budget than necessary. There is very little need to keep alcohol in the house at all times and families who do so tend to struggle more when it comes time to budget for their food related expenses.

Make Your Own Food
While this approach is not always feasible, there are a number of foods that we consume on a regular basis that can be made at home. Let's say your family goes through several loaves of bread per week. Perhaps it's time to start making your own bread at home, to stem the tide of these rising costs. If you are accustomed to popular options, like pizza and cheeseburgers, there are inexpensive ways to create these favorites on the spot. All you need are the ingredients and a little patience!

Plan Your Menu
It is much easier to avoid fast food when you have planned your menu well in advance and purchased the necessary items at the grocery store. We all crave structure and discipline in our lives and the manner in which we consume food should be no different. Carve out a place in your schedule to decide on what the menu is going to be and give everyone in your household a chance to offer their input.

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Have A Meal Prep Day
Making the change to a more regimented cuisine means taking the time to do all of the necessary food preparation. Cooking ahead of time keeps you from making bad dining decisions. When you have already put in the legwork to prepare meals before they are needed, you can beat those weekday doldrums and avoid reaching for the takeout menu.

Keep An Inventory
Knowing exactly what is in your freezer, fridge and pantry will keep you from going rogue on those days when takeout sounds like a slice of heaven. For those inevitable lazy evenings, keep foods on hand that allow you to enjoy the takeout taste at a fraction of the cost. Having comfort foods ready to go is a godsend, especially on those days when no one feels like preparing anything too complicated!

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