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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Wash Your Hands - It's International Hand Washing Day #WashYourHands

What?  You've never heard of International Hand Washing Day?  In the matter of complete disclosure, I must admit that neither had I.  But, bringing hand washing to the forefront of minds is always a good idea, especially as we head into flu season.  

DIAL has a full range of hand soaps that are sure to be a big hit with all members of the family.  Hand washing may seem like a simple task, but, many people are unaware how to wash their hands properly. 

Tips to Proper Hand Washing
  • remove any hand and arm jewelry and wet hands with warm water
  • add soap and rub your hands together ensuring that you've lathered all surfaces for 20 seconds
  • wash the front and back of your hands, as well as under your nails and between fingers
  • rinse your hands under warm running water
  • wipe and dry your hands with a paper towel or a clean towel
  • turn off the tap with the paper towel/clean towel so you don't recontaminate your hands
  • if using a public washroom use the paper towel to open the door when leaving
Hand washing with DIAL soap works by removing bacteria and viruses from the hands before they get a chance to cause infections or spread to other people.

Look for the full range of DIAL products at your local retailers, and also connect on facebook.

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