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Monday, September 28, 2015

Enjoy Specialty Coffee at Home with Keurig & Van Houtte! #KeurigK200 #VanHoutteSpecialty

Being a stay at home mom, I spend most of my time within my home.  Actually, I am quite content to spend my days puttering around home, but there is one thing I can not live without.  And, that is my daily cuppa joe.  I love coffee, plain and simple.  I can't function the way I would like without my coffee, and I am willing to travel to get it, if I have to.

 Earlier this month I received this beauty named Keurig 2.0 to try out in the comfort of my home.  The Keurig 2.0 is a beautiful machine.  I received a black Keurig, which fits perfectly in my kitchen, since we just purchased new black appliances.  Soon, we plan on having a complete kitchen overhaul, and the Keurig 2.0 will be finding a permanent home on my new counter top.  

The  new  Keurig  2.0 K200  system  offers  everything  consumers  love  about  Keurig  and  more!  
  • Compact design
  • Trend setting colour choices ( black, white, strawberry, sandy pearl, turquoise, violet and orange) 
  • The ability to brew a carafe 
  • Different brewing sizes 
This brewer is absolutely stunning, I can not tell you how long, I've longed to own such a beauty in my home.  It brews a perfect cup of coffee each and every time, I love that I can choose the amount of coffee I wish it to dispense easily on the touch screen (I can even just get hot water, if I would like).  The temperature is always spot on and the size of the brewer is perfect for my small space.

To pair with my new brewer, I was also offered a couple of boxes of Van Houtte Specialty Collection.  

Keurig Canada introduces the Van Houtte Specialty collection.  The specialty collection of coffees are prepared in two easy steps with the Keurig brewing system.  There are a variety of delicious, simple, convenient, quick specialty coffees available.  

Brewing a cup of Vanilla Latte or Cappuccino at home is a great capability.  I love to pick up a specialty coffee from the baristas, but it often comes with a hefty price tag attached.  Brewing at home, is easy, and cost-effective, and I find I am instantly transported to a coffee shoppe.  The smells are delicious as the specialty coffee brews and it tastes just as I would expect from the store.

I am so pleased with both the brewer and the specialty coffees.  Individually they can each hold their own, but pair them together and you've found a winning combination.

You'll find me happily brewing at home from now on, which makes me especially happy since I know that chilly days are ahead.  I'll be snug at home enjoying my favourite cup of coffee all thanks to Keurig and Van Houtte. 


Connecting with Keurig and Van Houtte is easy:

Keurig: Facebook & Twitter
Van Houtte: Facebook & Twitter 

Disclaimer:  I was offered a brewer and two boxes of coffee in exchange for my honest thoughts, via Influenster Canada. 


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