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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Crohn's Disease and Joint Pain: Finding Some Comfort

Living with Crohn's Disease has it's struggles.  Even though, I am in remission or only experiencing mild symptoms I am always not-so-gently reminded that this ugly disease is always present in my life.  Many people know of Crohn's and it's intestinal symptoms, what some may not know is that joint pain can be associated with having Crohn's Disease.

I always have some joint pain, but it really likes to flare up at night.  Finding a comfortable position to sleep is often difficult, as I am unable to lie on my back or stomach.  I have to sleep on my side with a body pillow and flip back and forth all night long.  My left knee and hip are especially a problem at night, as just resting on my mattress causes enough pain to keep my awake.  (And, I have a brand new mattress, so it isn't a mattress malfunction.)

Finding Joint Pain Relief

Here are a few remedies, that I've used, that will help alleviate joint pain.

  • Wrap the problem. Using a wrap or brace helps to stabilize the problem area.  Just don't wear it all the time, because over time using a wrap/brace will actually weaken the area further.

  • Over the years, I've spent many hours with physiotherapists and taken away some great exercises and stretching techniques that can be used to help offer relief on the joints.  Taking the time to do a particular exercise can really help. 

  • There are many ointments or homeopathic creams to try that can soothe those aching joints.  I've recently been using Orange Naturals Joint Cream and find it to help me especially as I toss and turn during the night.   Massaging some cream into my aching joints helps to soothe.   

  • Put some ice on it.   One of the first techniques that was ever suggested to me was using ice. I was told by a chiropractor to alternate between ice and heat for joint pain relief. 

Photo Source:  FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Just remember to always check with your health care provider to see if these types of remedies are appropriate for your condition.  

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