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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Buy and Sell, Locally with VarageSale

With back to school looming, I've taken the time to go through closets and dresser drawers to organize, purge and take stock of my children's clothing, coats, and shoes. As a side note,   I've come to learn that asking my children to put away their own laundry isn't a great idea, as I've found folded laundry shoved into some pretty random places.  Since my two younger kids are both away from home right now, it is the perfect opportunity to take a look and get things organized for September.

Piles of outgrown children's clothing.
  What should I do with them? List them on Varagesale and recoup some cash!
For the last several years, I've enjoyed finding deals at mom to mom sales.  Yet, haven't jumped two feet into selling my outgrown, gently used clothing.  I've always found it easier to pass our clothing along as hand-me-downs.  And, I will continue to do that, but, I would also like to recoup some of my money by selling online.  As children get older they tend to gravitate towards brand names, which we all know can get pretty expensive, and selling some of our gently used items would help lighten that financial pinch.  

VarageSale is new to my area and I am pretty impressed with what I've seen so far.   It only took me a couple of minutes to set up my account and within about an hour I was approved by the administrator and was ready to start buying or selling, or both. 

Did you know?  
VarageSale now has local communities
 in Kitchener Waterloo, Cambridge and London, Ontario. 
VarageSale is a buy and sell platform, (website & app) which allows neighbours to connect for free, in their community.

You Have It - They Want It

I have an abundance of children's clothing, you might too.  Yet, you can sell (or purchase)  whatever you  no longer need on VarageSale.

Clothing - Baby Gear - Home Decor - Electronics...it's all there and much, much more.    VarageSale is a one stop marketplace for buying or selling all those previously loved items at a fraction of the original cost.

VarageSale is taking Ontario by storm and you don't want to miss out on an opportunity to score a great find, or make a few dollars selling something you are no longer utilizing!  Plus, it's fun and an easy way to socialize with others right in your own community. 

Visit Varagesale.com or download the free app to get started today!

All opinions expressed on my blog are my own and uninfluenced.
This post is brought to my readers courtesy of VarageSale.  

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