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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Our Stay at a Treehouse Villa at Walt Disney World

This spring our family took a road trip vacation to Walt Disney World in Florida.  This was a very big deal for our family as we haven't had much in the way of vacations, at least not at resorts.    I really wanted to do something on a grand scale, since it's been a long time coming and also probably the one and only vacation we'll ever have as an entire family.  (My oldest daughter will be heading off to university in a years time.)

When booking our trip I opted originally to stay at Port Orleans Riverside Resort, and then switched to the Caribbean Resort when I saw their spring specials came on.  One thing I found out quickly was it was difficult to find a room to accommodate my family of five at a value resort.  It became really important to me to find a room that would provide a bed for each family member.  Some of the rooms offered pull-down beds and I was hesitant, but decided it would work.  Until, I spoke to a local friend who had just returned from WDW and she was telling me about the Treehouse Villas at Saratogo Springs Resort.  I went right home to research and take a look at what they offered.

Treehouse Villas are part of the Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa
Treehouse Villas are perfect for large families or groups.  Doing some research I found that they offered three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living area, a kitchen, laundry facilities and a deck area with seating.  With the spring discount I was able to upgrade to the Treehouse Villa and our family was excited!

Each Villa had a charcoal barbeque.  There are also accessible Treehouse Villas.
 Disney's Treehouse Villas are perfect for people like me, who need downtime and away from all the excitement of Walt Disney World.  Actually, it was perfect for the whole family, everyone loved the quiet serenity that our little home away from home offered us.  The Treehouse Villas are unique, elevated homes that are private within a lush forest of green.  When we walked the pathways geckos ran by our feet.  We were able to park our vehicle within a few meters of our accommodations and the pathways around the villas are well marked and lit.

Kitchen/Seating area at the Treehouse Villa
 I requested that our villa was near both the pool and bus transportation and we found ourselves steps from both.  Disney buses run to the villa every 15 minutes or so and take passengers back up to the main resort - Saratogo Springs where you can transfer buses to which ever theme park you were wanting to visit.  I found the busing system busy, but pretty efficient.  There was only a couple of times that we were waiting more than a few minutes to transfer.

We loved that we could take the water taxi to Downtown Disney right from the Treehouse Villas.  Taking the water taxis is a pretty fun way to travel and the drivers are incredibly pleasant.  (bus drivers are very nice too)   We received daily room service and always returned to impeccable conditions, including our dishes being washed in the dishwasher and any laundry which I hadn't had a chance to put away was folded on the end of the bed.  

About our Treehouse Villa

We loved the Treehouse Villa for many reasons, but the top of our list was the privacy and quiet.  We aren't world travelers or people who thrive on traveling.  We appreciate our down time and love the peace and solitude of the villas.

The breakfast bar was fun.
Having kitchen and laundry facilities was a great perk.  Every morning we enjoyed a home-cooked breakfast.  Before entering the resort we stopped at a local Target and shopped for the week.  We bought bacon, eggs,cereal, bread, fruit, milk, juice.  Anything which was left over I didn't want it to go to waste so I asked the front desk if I could leave it at a nearby shelter or food bank.  I was given the solution that I could leave a note saying that our housekeeping staff could do as they wish with our left over food.

Outside our door. Housekeeping would start to come around at 9am to our unit.
Every evening I did a load of laundry, and every morning a single load box of detergent was left for us.  I didn't use it, as I had brought our preferred P&G brand, but it was a nice touch.  I loved that when we left for our trip back home we all had suitcases full of clean clothing and upon arrival at home I didn't have ten days worth of dirty laundry.

Everyone had their own space.  My husband and I had a large bedroom and en-suite bathroom.  My oldest daughter had her own room and my two youngest shared a room with bunk beds.  The kids had a beautiful bathroom to share.

We enjoyed the private pool for Treehouse Villa guests.  It was steps from our door and was never crowded, there was likely only another family or two there at a time, if that. 

Beautiful private pool area surrounded by trees, steps from our villa.
The Treehouse Villas are spacious, and homey.  Even though a bus stop was outside our bedroom window, you couldn't see or hear it for the trees and vegetation.  Other villas are close by, and even though we knew they were occupied we couldn't see or hear the guests. 

Our vehicle was also steps from our entrance, making it so easy to load and unload.  Or if something was needed from the van, it was right there.

One thing we didn't utilize fully was the refillable Disney cups, since they had to be refilled at the main resort.  The only time we were really up at Saratoga Springs main resort was being bussed and we weren't going to carry our cups around the whole day just to fill them up at the end of the day.  

While there are lots of windows, inside the villa doesn't receive much natural light.  Since it's in the trees, and surrounded by trees.  

Treehouse Villas are deluxe Disney accommodations.

We loved every moment spent there.  Our trip was a once in a lifetime event, so I am glad we took the plunge and spoiled ourselves by staying at the Treehouse Villas. 


Looking at current room rates it looks like the Treehouse Villas are around $880 USD per night.  It is important to remember what you are getting and if this is of value to you.   It appears the the Treehouse Villas are included in their quarterly deals and are reduced by 30%.  You can book and when you see the deals are active you can call to ask for the discount to be applied.


Annie1 said...

What a beautiful place for a vacation! Its just beautiful and looks so peaceful!

Linda said...

Your photos are lovely! It looks like a wonderful place!

Flo said...

On my wish list is a trip with my family. This sounds like a great place to stay. Thank you for sharing this experience.

Florence C