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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Discovering Summer #ONatural

For many families ten weeks of summer can seem rather daunting.  And, I admit, that at times it can feel that way.  Keeping the kids busy is key to keeping the peace throughout the summer months.   This year my oldest daughter is working as the support person for a boy with disabilities in our community.  My youngest children have many structured activities such as overnight and day camp to keep them busy.   We also take a two week vacation when my husband's factory takes a summer shutdown.  As we have in recent years, we head to my family cottage in the Bruce Peninsula, Ontario.

In the late 1950's my grandfather bought several acres of undeveloped land on the Bruce Peninsula.  His brother (my great uncle) was a traveling hardware salesman and spoke of a beautiful little town he often visited.  It wasn't long before my great uncle had bought some land and his brother, my grandfather, had followed suit.  And, the legacy of a family cottage that would see generations into the future was born.

My parents were both school teachers and so we had the entire summer to spend at the cottage.  All of my summer time memories revolve around the cottage, the Niagara Escarpment and the crystal, clear waters of Georgian Bay.   Such fabulous memories as swimming in the bay at two o'clock each and every weekday afternoon with my Great Aunt Velma.  After we swam together, my aunt and I would relax on her 'sandy beach' and warm up in the sun.  My aunt would read a book or do a crossword puzzle, and I would either play in the sand or read a book as well.  Life was  simply wonderful  during those childhood summers.

Now, I get to take my own children to the cottage every summer for two weeks.  Things have changed a bit over time, yet somehow they stay the same.  During our two week stay, the kids are unplugged from video games, iPods, internet and even television.  The cottage has a telephone, so we can stay in touch, but that phone is rotary dial.   (Cell phones work if standing in the middle of the road.)

I often wonder if my grandfather had any idea what he was starting when he purchased the land and built his simple little cottage over sixty years ago?

There are critters (big and small) galore at the cottage.  This year in particular it is over-run with pesky mosquitoes and mosquitoes can ruin holidays.  Orange Naturals has homeopathic remedies to help soothe the bite and sting, which are available in liquid and new cream - coming soon.    These remedies are available for both children and adults.

 Insider tip:  Orange Naturals is pleased to announce that they are about to release a whole line of creams.  You can read all about it in July's newsletter


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1 comment:

Multi-Testing Mommy said...

I grew up at the cottage in summers too - haven't missed on single summer ever since I was born! Loving the fact that it has become a tradition for my children too.