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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Summer Scents from Lampe Berger Paris #LampeBergerBA

I am a throw back the curtains, open the windows wide kind of girl.  I love the fresh air flowing through my home.  Watching my curtains billow in the breeze is happiness to me.  What I don't love is we have an egg processing plant a couple of blocks from our house.  The processing plant off-gasses something awful at times.  When the wind blows from the west it pushes all that lovely aroma right into my home.  Over the years they've received many complaints about the odour and I admit that things have improved somewhat, but it is far from perfect.  I used to close my windows and grumble when it got to be too much to bare.  Now, with Lampe Berger Paris in my home I no longer need to batten down the hatches when the wind blows from the west.

I can now enjoy the outside air flowing freely through my home no matter the circumstance because Lampe Berger Paris is cleaning the air we breath.

Summer Scents from Lampe Berger Paris Available Now! 

If you recall I have a lovely burner/lamp which was new to my home earlier this year.    With the Lampe Berger Paris system I really don't have any excuse for not having a beautifully scented home.   But, as you know the Lampe Berger Paris system does much more than just masking odours (like other systems).  Lampe Berger Paris also purifies the indoor air. 

Daring Pepper   would not be my normal first choice in scents, but I  am really enjoying this scent.  It has great undertones and does a great job of scenting my entryway and welcoming guests into our home.  The smells of the egg-processing often get trapped in our back entrance and down our stairwell.  However, having my Lampe Berger Paris decorative lamp located at in my back entrance makes a huge difference and with Daring Pepper scenting the air,  you would never know that pesky plant was even in our neighbourhood.
Daring Pepper:  A daring and adventurous amber leather fragrance, a torrid scent associating black pepper and saffron with deliciously tempting raspberry. The sensuality of leather wrapped in the sweetness of vanilla.
Exotic Cocktail   is the scent you would associate with a beach vacation.  It is the perfect scent for my newly renovated beach-themed bathroom, and I love it!  If I close my eyes, I can almost imagine my way to a sandy locale where warm tropical breezes flow.
Exotic Cocktail:   An exotic and fruity fragrance, where the boldness of the citrus fruits blends with the captivating cocktail of rum and coconut, where the torrid heat of roasted coffee enhances the sensuality of the vanilla.
I am really enjoying the new scents that arrived in perfect timing for summer.  Find out where to purchase and more about Lampe Berger Paris:

Facebook page :  https://www.facebook.com/LampeBergerCanada

Instagram: http://instagram.com/lampebergercanada

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LampeBerger_CAN?lang=fr

Web site : www.lampeberger.ca

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