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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Father's Day Isn't Just One Day Of The Year #ONatural

Father's Day is Every Day

Father's Day comes around but once day a year, yet, Dads are on duty all other 364 days.  Dads are a little girl's first love and a young lad's role model.  Dads are there to pick up the pieces or show how to put the pieces together.  Dads are there to comfort when the thunder rolls or the monster in the closet rears its ugly head.   Having a strong, loving Dad is one of the most important relationships in any child's life.

Healthy Daddy: Healthy Family

My husband works full time night shift, and while it can be difficult, we make it work to our advantage for our family.  Family weekends are always short, since he has to sleep on Sundays to be ready to go in to work Sunday evening.  The trade off is that we are able to have suppers together as our family of five every weeknight.  We feel very lucky for him to have that time to connect with the children and catch up on their days at our evening meals.  Over time,  he's come to realize is how quickly the days pass and before you know it that little baby you once held is walking, talking, starting school, and on it goes.

Working straight nights comes with its own set of health concerns.   My husband is regularly monitored by our family doctor and a dietician.  The upside of working nights is he is rarely out in the sun, saving his skin from the ravages of the sun.  (This is a good thing since his Dad lives with skin cancer.)  We are working on upping Daddy's H2O intake, which is difficult when he's sleeping during the day and tends to need coffee to get him through the overnight shift. 

Supporting Daddy in his career and helping make the overnight shift work for him and our family is top priority to me.  We all want Daddy to thrive and enjoy his downtime with the family. 

Celebrate Dads

Since we believe in showing our appreciate of Daddy each and every day, we don't just celebrate one day out of the year.  Remember to show that Dad in your life how much they mean to your family.   It doesn't have to be with gifts or special breakfasts, it can be as simple as a big hug for Dad at the end of the day and always remembering to say "I love you, Dad."


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