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Friday, April 3, 2015

Helping My Indoor Dog Live a Healthy & Happy Lifestyle #WhatsYourPetsLifestyle

Meet my fur-baby, Roxy.  If you are a regular blog visitor you'll already be familiar with my little sweet dog of four years, as every once in a while she pops up here on the blog.  Roxy is truly this woman's bestie.  I love this little dog with all my heart and she loves me back.  How do I know?  She never leaves my side day in and day out.  She knows when I am feeling badly and comforts me - Roxy spends her days with me indoors, a lot of the time curled up on the couch.
She likes getting outside fine, but it just isn't a priority to her.    This past winter, in particular when it got so cold, it was difficult for me to get Roxy off the couch and out the door for some fresh air or a potty break.  Sometimes, I found myself giving her little bum a bit of a nudge to get her out the door.  It's fair to say that Roxy is an indoor kind of pooch.

Being an indoor dog comes with some trials and health concerns.   Indoor dogs, like Roxy, are known to have issues with their skin or coat, their digestion and unwanted weight gain. 

Recently, Roxy and I participated in a challenge from Royal Canin.  The challenge was to introduce and transition  Royal Canin Indoor Food to Roxy and see if it made a difference in her health and lifestyle as an indoor dog

Roxy has notoriously suffered with dry, scabby skin, yet an oily coat.  We've tried to rectify this problem with different shampoos, and even been under the care of her vet for the condition.  Starting this challenge, I didn't really realize that her diet could be the root of her skin/coat issues.  Nor, did I realize that her indoor lifestyle combined with her diet could be causing her to often have soft, runny and offensive stool. 
Over a month, we transitioned her from her regular food to Indoor Food from Royal Canin, which is the only food of this kind on the market.  It went really well, much to my surprise.  Roxy has proven to be quite a picky eater and we've struggled to find her a food that she loves.  In actuality, our dog prefers eating cat food over her own, (my vet explained to me that cat food is sweeter).   So, the fact that she took so easily to the new food choice was very welcomed. 

The most noticeable change that I've noticed is when I pet Roxy.  Her back no longer has any scabs and her coat is less greasy than it was before.  And, walking her has become much more enjoyable, as her elimination is well formed, and less smelly, making it much easier to stoop and scoop. 

Roxy is the best friend I could ever ask for.  I want to be certain that she lives a long healthy, happy life.   I am pleased that we've had the opportunity to try out new Royal Canin Indoor Life, which is formulated for my dog's indoor lifestyle and designed especially for her.   I feel confident that my choice of food is keeping Roxy at her optimal best,  and can let her get back to what is most important to her...

Find out more about Royal Canin Indoor Life dog food and it' s companion food, Royal Canin Urban Life for Roxy's city-dwelling counterparts.  The dog food is manufactured right here in Ontario, Canada and is available for purchase at specialty pet stores.  

I participated in this challenge with Roxy and Royal Canin.  All thoughts are my own, even though I received perks for my participation.  

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