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Monday, March 16, 2015

March right into Easter, and Mother's Day this Spring with Hallmark #LoveHallmarkCA #Giveaway

Finally, it's been a spring-like week here in SW Ontario.  Out of the deep freeze and snow into some sunshine and above freezing temperatures makes me one happy momma.  Even though the temperature roller coaster ride of early spring is upon us, it gives me hope that the brunt of winter is proving to be in our rear-view mirror.

The Signs of Spring

All around us, spring is starting to pop up, around my home - inside and out.  Join me in following the signs of spring from Hallmark.

Lately, over on Instagram, I've been sharing some of my favourite finds from Hallmark. 

This spring celebrate all those special moments and holidays (Easter, Mother's Day) with lovely gift items from Hallmark.   Hallmark gifts are always cute and timely, though they are items which will be loved time and time again over the years.  

Spring Plush

Cute and cuddly is the name of the game this spring at Hallmark.
  Check out some of our favourite plush friends, below.
Easter Beagle Snoopy Plush 
Snoop is looking adorable in his bright blue Easter bunny disguise.  Fans young nd old will fall in love with Easter Beagle Snoopy.  {MSRP: $19.95}

Meet Mimi
Kids and adults alike will enjoy singing along with this cute plush mouse.  Tell Mimi which of her seven original pop tunes you'd like to hear, or just say: Mimi's choice, to let her pick one for you.  A songbook with lyrics to her songs is included.  {MRSP: $24.95} 

Flappy Happy Chick
This cheery chick shows her sunny side as she bops to the beat, flaps her wings and sings a parody of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. {MSRP:$32.95/ 3 card purchase $17.95}

Sweet Embroidery

Spring and Mother's Day are the perfect time to brighten and freshen up our living spaces with a few thoughtful decor items.  Hallmark has so many specialty gifts, including stationery and small home decor for every special woman in our lives.  

A couple of my favourite items are Hallmark's embroidered sentiments and embroidered pillows.

Embroidered Pillows
Home is where your loved ones are.  These pillows each feature an embroidered sentiment for either Nana, Grandma or for the family home. {MSRP:$19.95}

Embroidered Sentiments
Celebrate the little moments in a bigger way with the 'Life is a Special Occasion' from Hallmark.  Available in an assortment of designs including: friendship, thank goodness for Moms and love is everything. {MSRP:$12.95}

Find all the items which I've mentioned and MUCH more at your local Hallmark store and visit www.hallmark.ca to find out more!  Giveaway:  Hallmark has offered to send one of my Canadian readers their very own Embroidered Sentiment. (randomly chosen) Enter to win using the form below.  

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Brandee H said...

Any other year I would say the first tulips popping up but this yesr it's warmth. So desperate to be warm again!

Jenny Major said...

im looking forward to nice spring walks

Heidi Carlson-Reid said...

I am so looking forward to the warmer, less snowy weather!

Darlene Schuller said...

I look forward to warmer weather and less clothing!

Stephanie LaPlante said...

I love Mother's Day most!

Gillian Morgan said...

I love that I can start my garden in spring.

Marie S said...

I love that I can leave the house and enjoy the weather.. Also, my gardening I can't wait

Amy C said...

I like to listen to the birds singing first thing in the morning.

maria said...

I love being able to wear lighter clothing.


kathy downey said...

I love to watch new growth and the birds feeding their young

Victoria S said...

I love getting outside hiking and rollerblading. Victoria Ess

Flo said...

I love the warmer weather and being able to walk on the sidewalks again.
Florence C

Tanis S said...

The fresh air and getting outside!

Sue2Sueper said...

I most like having to be able to go out for walks without snow pants and scarves up almost to my eyes.

Bring on the shorts.

outasite said...

I love tulips blooming

Laurie P said...

I like the fresh smell in the air, watching things turn green and grow....looking forward to gardening with my little girl!

Angela M said...

We have a lot of family birthdays during spring which is always fun.

guest r said...

Sara rai
Waiting for the warmer weather.