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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide: Maplelea Girls and Accessories

Country Mouse, City Mouse

For the last few days, my eight year old daughter has been giving Santa a call each morning before heading off to school.  I listen to her shyly tell one of Santa's elves her name, how old she is and what she is going to leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve.  (It's always chocolate chip cookies and milk)  She also tells the elf that she is asking for a 'Canadian Girl' for Christmas.

Jillian is talking about Maplelea Girls: Canadian Dolls for Canadian Girls.  

A couple of years ago, Jillian got her first Maplelea Girl and has loved her ever since.   This year she is going to be so excited to find Taryn under the Christmas tree.  
From our previous experience with Maplelea dolls, I can attest that these are truly the best dolls available for girls.  They are beautifully made with extra attention to the little details.  The dolls are 18" tall poseable dolls, that are soft and huggable, and will become any young girl's best friend.  Maplelea dolls are as close to life-like as they could possibly be.

The Maplelea line of dolls is manufactured by a Canadian company just for Canadian girls.   Parents, family (or Santa) can choose a doll that is perfectly suited to the recipient.  Each doll has a geographical profile to connect Canadian girls to the doll,  or pick a doll that is most suited to the little girl by hobbies or personality.

Taryn has a passion for painting, wilderness camping, figure skating and above all family.  She lives in Banff.  Three things Taryn can not live without are her hiking boots, clean fresh mountain air,  and butterflies.  Can you tell that Taryn is an environmentalist at heart? 

Taryn is the ideal doll for my daughter Jillian, last year she spent her school year at outdoor school and can relate to this doll perfectly. 

Taryn comes ready for outdoor adventure in her cozy cotton striped turtleneck, her khaki skirt with buckle closure, funky striped tights and her oh-so-comfortable hiking boots. Her long brown hair is held back with a tiny leaf hair clip.

Don't forget the Accessories 

Maplelea has a whole line of accessories for your little girl's new best friend.   Taryn has many different additional items that can be purchased to amp up the fun with the doll.  Taryn has things like outfits, a pop up tent and even a little puppy.    These accessories are great as add on gifts and can be given by aunts, uncles and grandparents who are always asking for gift giving suggestions.  

There is still time to order and receive in time for this Christmas - but hurry.  

Maplelea Girls and Accessories are awesome gifts for girls aged 6+.  The dolls retail for $99.99 and are available for purchase through Maplelea. com, as are the accessories.  We love Maplelea in our home, and I am sure that girls coast to coast to coast would love a Maplelea doll,  as well. 

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Victoria S said...

These dolls are really great! They are the perfect size and I love the accessories! Victoria Ess