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Friday, November 21, 2014

Holiday Gift Idea: Fisher-Price S'getti Scatter Game

Country Mouse, City Mouse

The Fisher-Price brand and name are iconic here in Canada.  My mother purchased Fisher-Price toys for us as young children and those toys are still kicking around her home, and have been well loved by the next generation.  This holiday season, consider placing Fisher-Price S'getti Scatter Game under your Christmas tree. 

This is a cute game that reminds me of something we would of had as kids.  It is geared towards children aged 3 and over, and teaches fine motor skills, as well as the all important sharing and co-operation between each other.  The game offers two levels of play.  Game one:  remove the most s'getti without dropping the meatballs to win.  Game two:  pick a s'getti colour and remove them all without dropping the meatballs to win.

A love of learning starts with play! Your meatballs are on a roll with the Fisher-PriceTM S’getti Scatter. Remove the s’getti strands without letting the meatballs fall. Be the first to spill the meatballs and you lose.
The updated Fisher-PriceTM classic comes with two game levels to enhance game play. Each level grows with your child challenging them as they get older and encourage thinking, problem solving, sharing and cooperation. The game includes a wobbling dish and base, 16 strands of s’getti, three meatballs and a parent guide with extended play and learning ideas.

We think this is an adorable game and it offers hours of fun and laughter.  We already know that it will stand up well to the wear and tear of children.  The Fisher-Price S'getti Scatter Game is an affordable gift, which retails around $15.00 and is readily available at WalMart.  

Recommended for ages 3+

Disclaimer:  All opinions expressed are mine, yours could differ.  


Mom vs. the boys said...

ha! that looks like the cutest game ever!

MamaLad said...

This looks super cute! I bet my kids would love it!

mamawee said...

what a neat game! My youngest would probably enjoy it! We are big fans of fisher price in this house!

Lindsay Gallimore said...

Is it weird that this post gave me a craving for spaghetti? Looks yummy AND fun!

Randa Derkson said...

What a cute game! I have never seen this before. This is a great way for little ones to learn.