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Monday, October 27, 2014

Enhance Your Home with Lampe BERGER Paris #Lampeberger

I love a warm and inviting home, which includes decor and scent.  Often though, with pets and children, it is neither inviting (constant state of chaos) and sometimes even a little bit smelly.  To combat the pet and kid odor you will often find candles burning, plug ins running and spray scents sitting on the shelf right inside our door.  All do a pretty good job, yet, I've found something new in the home scent department that I wanted to share.

Lampe Berger Paris is the most beautiful and tasteful scent diffuser I've ever had in my home.  It brings a European flare into my home....because that is where it originates from.    We received a Perle Boxed Set to try out in our home.   The boxed set comes with a beautifully tinted black glass lamp that adds to any home table or shelf decor.  The lamp itself is simple and very lovely.

Lampe Berger Paris adds more to a home than just being something that looks pretty.  When filled with exclusive Lampe Berger Paris home fragrance, your space will be filled with a warm scent, at the same time neutralizing household odors. 

I've never had anything like these lamps before and at first I was slightly intimidated by it.  But, it is really quite simple to set up and use, and the scent is well worth the effort.   Included in the box set is the lamp, a funnel, a catalytic burner and one bottle of fragrance.    You begin by adding the fragrance to your lamp and placing the burner over the opening - let the unit sit for 20 minutes.   Then light it to burn for a couple of minutes.  Once you blow out the burner the scent begins to fill your home.

I absolutely love my newest way to give a warming scent to our home.  It is not only a beautiful accent piece, it also does an excellent job of wrapping your spcae in a delightful, tasteful home scent. 

Find Lampe Berger Paris on both facebook and on twitter to keep up-to-date with them.  I've fallen in love with my Lampe Berger Paris, and think that these would make a great holiday gift. Use the store locator to find where to buy anywhere in Canada.  

Disclaimer:  I was sent a sample for my review.  All opinions expressed are mine, and are not influenced. 

1 comment:

fredamans said...

You have the same burner I received. It is a beautiful burner I think.