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Thursday, September 18, 2014

How to choose the right box for the right item

You’re moving house soon and you’ve realized that you’ve accumulated a tonne of stuff you need to move around, the bulk of which will need to be boxed up for the move. The organized part of your mind insists you keep things together so you have an easier time when you go to unpack. But picking the right box for the job can be complicated. Relax. Here’s what you need to know.

Bulky items

The best box to use for bulky items that are lighter weight are large, or Tea Carton boxes. These are perfect for items like cushions, large plush toys, pots and pans and even your linens. They’re spacious and sturdy and you’d be surprised how much you can fit inside them. Unfortunately, their name doesn’t really give away much about their size or shape but they’re quite common and many stockists like www.yourlocalmovers.com.au can easily give you a bit of a run down.

Delicate items

For delicate or heavy items like glassware, statues, fine china or collectables, your best bet is the small box or Book Carton. These are heavily reinforced and carry a lot of weight without overcrowding everything inside, ensuring your expensive collection of Marvel and DC Comics maquettes will arrive in one piece. If you’re a reader and have an extensive collection of books then, obviously, this is your go to box for book transport.


Believe it or not, there is a specific box for transporting clothes! It’s called a Porta-Robe and it allows you to hang your clothes along a steel rack set into the top of the box to keep things like your nice dresses, business suits and other delicate clothing items from getting crushed or ruined in transit.

CDs, DVDs and Games

Like most people these days, you’ve probably amassed a size able collection of DVDs and games without even realizing it was happening. When it comes time to move, however, they require an awful lot of storage to cart around. Archive Boxes are the perfect solution. Spacious, hardy and the perfect shape for stacking a tonne of DVDs into.

Paintings and Mirrors

Often people will simply wrap their paintings, pictures and mirrors in some heavy cloth for protection and get the removalists to place them on the truck with the other large items but did you know that there’s actually a box designed to store those things safely? The Picture/Painting/Mirror box is ideal for smaller to medium sized frames and mirrors, designed to keep them from getting broken or damaged in transit.

Photo source: FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Once you know which boxes you need, the next step is estimating the amount. If you live in a one-bedroom apartment, you might only need 10 large boxes and 15 smaller boxes to fit everything. If you’re in a 5 bedroom McMansion then, obviously, you’ll need a lot more than that. Plan ahead, and ask a professional if you think you’re going to end up with too many or not enough.


Mom vs. the boys said...

we used to be guilty of storing everything in diaper boxes! with three boys aged 3 and under, we had A LOT of diaper boxes in the house!

Randa Derkson said...

We have moved many times in our young adult life, and it sounds like we will be going again come spring (hopefully).

The plus side to moving is the mass purge session I hold. I love to de-clutter before I move.

Paula Schuck said...

Well now I am a bit familiar with this process. Having moved in the last year. We used a lot of liquor store boxes. Hahaha!! Our neighbours for sure must have thought we were epic partners when we moved in. Anyways, some stuff doesn't really need a box and we also had some fun letting the kid decorate the boxes of stuff from their rooms. But yes movers and storage places also can be very helpful. Especially for fragile items. They need specific boxes.