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Monday, September 1, 2014

Head Back To School with Canada's Own: Mabel's Labels #Back2School

This year school is back in session on September 2nd, in our area of Ontario.  All of a sudden it seems that the summer is over and school is about to begin.  Yikes!  We have so much to do, including most of our back to school shopping.  For all that new school gear we are about to purchase, we have Mabel's Labels at the ready.

Mabel's Labels creates awesome personalized waterproof labels for kids and adults alike.  Just in time for back to school I recently ordered an Ultimate Back to School Combo.  

We've been using Mabel's Labels in our home for many years and they have never let us down.  My youngest daughter was just at camp two weeks ago and I used Mabel to label everything she owns.  I've got to say that this is the only way to go.  I've used markers in the past and it is hard to get a name written neatly and legibly on a clothing label with a marker.  Mabel's Labels stick firmly and don't peel off, even after washing.

The Ultimate Back to School Combo comes with plenty of labels for everything Jillian will be taking to school with her.

The combo includes the following:
  • 40 skinny minis
  • 50 tag mates
  • 16 shoe labels
  • 2 teeny tags
We personalized Jillian's back to school labels with her favourite icon - an owl.  And, they turned out super cute, she absolutely loves her new labels (and so do I).   Mabel's Labels has lots of cute icons to pick from.   You can easily build your labels and see what your finished labels will look like, it's rather fun to play around with different icons.

With the Ultimate Back to School Combo came two two teeny tags which are perfect for affixing to the lunch bag and backpack.  The peel and stick labels are perfect for everything else she will be taking to school.  Kids loose their stuff and if they have Mabel's Labels on them you'll have a much greater chance of getting that stuff back.   Personally, I think that all kids should have labels on their gear, it would make things so much easier and it helps to eliminate problems and mix ups between children.

Check out the Ultimate Back to School Combo before September 30th, when it will be gone again for another  year.  The Ultimate Back to School Combo is $42.00 and probably the smartest investment a parent can make.    (If you think you've ran out of time to order your labels before school, there is another option - look for Write Away labels at your local WalMart.)

See more from Mabel's Labels by connecting with them on facebook and on twitter.  Also, check out more photos of my labels by visiting my facebook page.  Thank you to Mabel's Labels for providing the labels that are featured in this post.


Deanna T. said...

We're due for another set. Thanks for the reminder that I should order it now, while the Back to School combo is still available.

Randa Derkson said...

It's time for me to start labelling, my son is going to Daycare tomorrow (for the first time ever). I'm so excited!

Christine McN said...

I love Mabel's Labels! I #mabeled ALL of Little One's items! I'm #mabeling obsessed! LOL!

Jennifer Van Huss said...

I was never a label mom until this year. Usually I take out the good old sharpie and write the name in everything. This year I tried Labels for the first time and LOVED IT! the kids like it better too!!

Renee Kaiman said...

We are OBSESSED with Mabel's Labels in our house! My 3 year old checks to make sure her things have her labels on them before they go in her school backpack. I love how well they stand up over time. I've never had an issue with it falling off wash-after-wash.