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Monday, September 8, 2014

All Kids Need Labels: Kidecals Has My Son Covered #kidecals

My one and only son, Matthew is going into grade six.  Some may think that by the ripe old age of eleven that kids are more responsible and able to keep track of their belongs better.  {insert a big sigh here}  I'm afraid that, for my son at least, this isn't a reality.

Don't get me wrong, Matthew is a great kid and a very kind soul.  Maybe because his focus isn't on worrying about his gear, is the reason that it gets left behind and lost.   Last Fall I bought Matthew a new cozy fleece jacket and the first day he wore it to school, it didn't come back home.  I asked him for days to bring it back home or if he knew where it was.  Finally, I resorted to asking his little sister and his friends to find the jacket. (Which they did, by the way in the lost and found.)

This year we are going to avoid all this chaos completely by labeling Matthew's belongings with Kidecals.

I ordered Matthew a customized Mega Set of labels from Kidecals with in the Sporty Fishing icon.  I figured he would be more apt to be accepting of the labels if they had a more grown up  feel about them.  He has just gotten into fishing this summer, so I though this label would be a great fit for him.  And, I was right!  When I showed him the labels, he was pretty impressed by them. 

The Mega Set consists of 72 labels - 24 two inch and 48 one inch labels, for only $28.00.  Kidecals is based in the United States and ships for free within the US, and to Canada their shipping costs are very reasonable.

I loved that Kidecals kept me informed every step of the way with emails and even provided me with a tracking number so I could follow my package and know when to expect delivery.  I was particularly impressed with the speed my order was processed and on it's way to me. 

Kidecals labels are durable, and waterproof and very easy to apply.  They are dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer proof.   Shop with Kidecals if you are looking for variety.  The name labels are awesome, but it doesn't stop there-check out their keyboard stickers to spice up any computer.  

Kidecals would love to connect with my readers on facebook and on twitter.  If you sign up to receive their emails you will receive a 15% off discount code to use on your purchase.    Thank you to Kidecals for sending the labels that are featured in this post.

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