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Friday, September 26, 2014

6 Ways To Stay Active In The Fall

These six ways to stay active in the fall will get you out of the house and into a regular workout routine. Stay on top of your schedule and you'll avoid any seasonal exercise slowdown.

Commence Fall Yard Work
Image via Flickr by Rachel Kramer
Autumn is a picturesque season, but it comes with built-in yard work that can keep you busy for months. Stay active as the weather turns cooler by raking leaves, giving your lawn that last trim, and clearing your spouts and drain pipes. Winterize your home by installing new insulating window and door screens. Set up a weekend schedule of outdoor work that will take several hours to complete and stick to it. Lifting trash bags filled with leaves and monkeying around on your roof to clean gutters burns calories on par with any gym workout routine. Make sure to wear loose-fitting clothing to keep from overheating while you're outside in colder temperatures.
Try Hot Yoga
Worried about cold dance floors and their equally frigid floors? Try hot yoga. The trendy activity of performing Bikram, Power, Forrest, or TriBalance yoga in a hot and humid room has grown into a phenomenon in cities across the country. The added heat will give your limbs extra flexibility, allowing you to hold poses longer and build your endurance. Add a healthy post-workout protein snack fortified with natural coconut oil to jumpstart the calorie burn and your muscle recovery time. As shown in this info-graphic, there are several benefits to consuming this heart-healthy oil.
Use Your Dog as a Workout Buddy
Image via Flickr by Matteo Bertini
Your dog loves the outside and the fall months are no exception. Take the big guy on longer walks, let him run along with you during nature hikes, or jog through the dog park while he sprints ahead. You'll both benefit from the regular exercise and the dog won't end up stir crazy, eating your sofa and part of the love seat out of boredom. Make sure you know the local leash laws and obey them at all times while you're out and about. Even if your dog has never made an aggressive move towards anyone, it's better to stay safe than take the risk.
Pick Up a Winter Sport
Maybe it's too late in life to start playing full-contact ice hockey or take up downhill skiing, but you can still try your hand at other winter activities. Buy a pair of ice skates and a season pass to your local ice rink and start skating on the weekends. Add in a couple of hour-long lessons so you spend more time exercising and less time sprawled and flailing on the ice. The activity keeps your mind focused and your entire body engaged. If ice skating isn't your thing, give other cool weather sports like soccer or flag football a try. Gyms create informal leagues every season for these sports, so check their sign up boards.
Change Your Morning Commute
Staying active in the fall and winter is about making your downtime work for you. If you live close enough to work, try leaving your car at home and walking. Live and work in an inner city like Philadelphia? Join the legion of downtown bicycle commuters by pedaling to the office instead of driving. Changing your routine to add exercise to times where you would normally remain relatively inactive makes all the difference during colder months. You'll help your metabolism stay higher, which keeps the pounds from creeping up during those holiday dinners with the family.
Disconnect from Your Screens
Texting or otherwise browsing the Internet on your phone or tablet encourages sitting and inactivity. Turn your phone and other devices off or keep them out of plain view when you're exercising or doing chores outside. Keeping the digital time-evaporators out of your hands puts more attention on activities like cleaning around the house, taking up indoor tennis, or getting in your mile run at the track. Remember to turn the television off as well, since that screen can also erase hours of your day.

The temptation to sit on the couch and not workout when it's cold outside is strong. Stick to your planned schedule and you'll soon find that your body craves exercise where it used to want an extra-long nap.


Virginia said...

I totally nee to take your suggestions! I need to get up and get moving more. Terrry Fox Run today, maybe that will kick me into gear!

Randa Derkson said...

I need to start to disconnecting a little more. It's tough when I have so much to do though!

I always enjoy brisk fall walks :)

Paula Schuck said...

I am thrilled to do any kind of workout or yoga. I will also garden but yard work stinks. Gardening is fine just the rest of it makes me unhappy.

Tammy Mitchell said...

Since we are finishing our 4th bush cord of firewood tonight. I would have to add stacking firewood to your list :)

Margarita Ibbott said...

Fall is my favourite season we are always active then.