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Thursday, August 7, 2014

5 Kitchen Design Ideas For Your Home Renovation

Most of the rooms in your house are meant for rest and relaxation. But there’s one you’ll mostly use for work…and hanging out with your friends during house parties.

Namely – the kitchen. The heart for your home demands a different, more practical approach during renovation. Here are five kitchen design ideas that will make it a place you like to spend time in.

Storage is king

Almost every time you’ll go shopping, you’ll bring stuff home that will end up in the kitchen. But storage space doesn’t have to end with a big refrigerator. When renovating your kitchen look for other possible storage space; like the space above your kitchen cabinets where most of the house store only dust. Why not add another compartment reaching up to the ceiling to store less often used utensils and tableware?


Workspace is king too

What’s the use of having the best oven, designer sink and state-of-the-art dishwasher if there is no space to chop an onion or slice your bread in your kitchen? Empty space is as important as anything else in design, especially in the kitchen. Look for a possible space to place a nice big kitchen top that will remain uncluttered because of all the storage space you’ve read about in the paragraph above.

Photo Source: FreeDigitalPhotos.net


Clear the air

Your French onion soup might have a great aroma but it’s not so great when your living room smells of it. Ventilation is the key to keeping your kitchen fresh and hygienic. But effective ventilation deals with more than just the smell, invest in the right ventilation gear and you’ll manage the issue of excessive heat that makes you want to leave the kitchen as soon as possible and go take a nice, cold shower.


There shall be light

If you’re blessed with a window in the kitchen, the trouble is half solved – through the window you’ll get rid of irritating smells and let some light in. In other cases focus on artificial lightning. An extra light accent or two will make the kitchen a more pleasant space to spend your time in.


Recycling is easy

You do recycle, don’t you? If you do, there’s a way that you can do it better. Forget the old stinky bin under the sink, invest in a modern garbage sorting system. It usually takes a bit more space than the traditional trash bin but it keeps your trash and garbage nicely segregated, making recycling something you don’t have to think about and something that just happens naturally.


Materials matter

Not everything that looks good is good. Some materials are likely to get dirty and stay dirty, others might not react well to contact with food, not to mention the ones that are simply bad for your health. These are the concerns that a professional house designer and builder like http://www.coralhomes.com.au/ will surely address. You should keep them in mind when an opportunity to renovate your kitchen presents itself.

Kitchen matters, maybe more so than any other room in the house. Give it the right amount of attention when renovating and your house will surely gain in value and live-ability.


Randa Derkson said...

Storage IS king. In this house I do not have a pantry and it drives me mad. It would be nice to have one for all my baking goods, instead of the chaos system I have between a few cupboards.

Everything Mom and Baby said...

Storage is what I need!

Little Miss Kate said...

We did a large kitchen reno about 7 years ago. It was great to be able to create the kitchen we wanted to maximize our storage and counter space.

Ourfamilyworld said...

I miss storage and recycling storage in my kitchen..Storage is king

Jennifer Van Huss said...

I'd love a kitchen reno! Mine is galley style which turns out I love! But I want a new counter top, backsplash and cupboards! lol More storage would be great too!