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Saturday, July 19, 2014

LOOK: New Hexbugs Transformers

The Hexbug craze continues - with new Hexbugs Transformers!

The HEXBUG Warriors TRANSFORMERS are the perfect addition to the toy collection of any HEXBUG or Transformers fan.
Kids can collect all eight HEXBUG Warriors TRANSFORMERS toys and customize their armour and weapons to create the ultimate battling bot! The physics of vibration propels the Warriors forward on their own and intelligent battle sensors register any damage taken during the fight.
Being big fans of Hexbugs, having the opportunity to take an up-close look at a new Transformer Hexbug, and it is pretty darn exciting for my kids.  These little robotic toys pack a big entertainment punch for small kids and big kids, alike.  They still buzz and propel themselves forward, but now they've kicked up the wow factor.  If you love Hexbugs and if you love Transformers - be sure to check out these cool little guys.

New Hexbugs Transformers retail for approximately $10.00 each, and may be purchased by visiting Hexbug.com.  Stay connected with Hexbugs and all the excitement going on by following on twitter and on facebook.

Disclaimer:  This post is based upon a sample which we received.  

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