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Monday, June 16, 2014

The Ontario College of Teachers Receives a Gold Star

The nature of education in the province of Ontario is one of co-operation - our school communities cannot function well without many of us working together.  

We are so lucky to live in this great province where public school educators are sculpting and caring for the next generation.  I know that there are flaws with the system, yet, we are truly lucky to live where education is viewed as important.  Education is a joint operation though - a child's education is a collaboration between the school, teachers, volunteers, parents, and the Ontario college of teachers.

The Ontario College of Teachers is the governing body over all teachers who are teaching within our publicly funded system. 

Welcome to our beautiful modern school.  This school houses 500 students and 46 staff members.

Last year, during my son, Matthew's grade four year he was identified as a student with a learning disability.  Early in the school year, I became concerned that what we were working on at home didn't seem to translate to what he was able to communicate at school.  To solve the issue, I began by calling the vice principal and expressing my concerns.  Over the course of the next several months Matthew was given the chance to work with the special education resource teacher and his learning disability was identified through diagnostic testing.   This diagnosis resulted in Matthew receiving a computer provided by the province to help him overcome his challenges.  One year later he is using the computer daily at his desk to perform his work, but most importantly his attitude toward school has improved 100 per cent!

I was and continue to be happy with the support Matthew's receives at school.  It is vitally important for his success to keep the lines of communication open.  The Ontario College of Teachers mandate is also to openly communicate with parents and the school community.

So, what can my readers in Ontario do with the help of 
The Ontario College of Teachers? 

You Can Search for a Teacher 

The Ontario College of Teachers is a resource that parents and guardians can easily access and is a great way to view the transparency of teachers working in the province.   As a parent I can take a deeper look at my child's teacher's background, credentials and history .  The Ontario College of Teachers has a directory where every teacher is listed.  I've personally used the directory to see the qualifications of our teachers, and for fun I've searched for my father who is retired high school teacher.   The Ontario College of Teachers is also the place where we can check to see if a particular teacher has received any complaints of professional misconduct.  While, complaints are rare, it is important for parents to know there is a place to turn when they have a concern. 

You Can See Their Professional Standards

The Ontario College of Teachers sets the standard for great teaching within Ontario.

Members of the College are expected to meet the teaching standards for all young students equally.  Teachers are bound ethically to support students through respect and trust.   These professional standards are goals dedicated to student learning and achievement.

To learn more about the Ontario College of Teachers, and keep up with the latest news about teachers (licensing, education and other important issues of the day) sign up to receive their newsletterThe Standard.

The Ontario College of Teachers is accountable to us,
 which for my family is a huge relief!

The Ontario College of Teachers wants to connect with you on facebook and twitter.    

Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored conversation on behalf of OCT, thanks to Main Street Creative.  All opinions expressed are mine and not influenced. 


The Flying Couponer said...

Our experience with the Ontario school system has been really good.

Elizabeth FrugalMomEh said...

Oh wow! That directory is great! I had no idea that this information was available.

Christine said...

That's absolutely FABULOUS!!! The Ontario College of Teachers definitely knows what teaching is all about! Way to go!! :)

Gingermommy said...

It is great that teachers have to have proper training and are committed to families even after graduating. Such a valuable resource

Annemarie Leblanc said...

I love how they have a directory, it makes things so much easier.

Margarita Ibbott said...

We've had some great teachers and some not so great teachers. Its nice to see that you can see your teacher's qualifications on-line. Thanks for the info.