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Monday, June 23, 2014

Guest Post: 5 Basic Car Maintenance Tips Everyone Should Know

Does anyone remember the days when you pulled into your local gas station and an attendant would greet you at the pump to see how much fuel you needed? We told them, handed over the money and popped the hood. The attendant would scurry about your car while you waited, read a book or went into the station for a chocolate bar and a drink. The attendant would come back, say “all finished” and you’d leave until next time the gauge indicated you needed to fuel up.

Most of the time we had no idea what the man, woman or teen had done to your car, other than fill the tank. In reality, they were completing five basic maintenance tasks that extended the life of your vehicle but saved you money in the process. Today, with self-service fuel stations, it’s up to us to look after our own cars with the support of companies like Pure Performance Motorsport .

These five simple maintenance tasks can be done once a month for better, safer and more economical driving.


Tire pressure

Ensuring your tires have the correct pressure this is a vital task many people simply no longer bother with. Tires continually bounce on the road at speed and over all types of services. As they do a small amount of air releases from the valve which occasionally needs to be replaced. Keeping your tires at the right pressure will make for a smoother ride, save gas and significantly extend the life of the tire. Check your vehicle’s owner’s manual for the correct pressure for your tires.

Radiator coolant

Once upon a time, cars simply required tap water in the radiator to keep the engine cool. That has changed. Today’s modern vehicles need coolant in the system for efficient and cool running of the motor. What hasn’t changed is the need to regularly ensure the radiator has enough coolant to keep the engine stable. This isn’t hard. All cars have a radiator water reservoir that allows you to easily see how much coolant is circulating. If it needs refilling, seek advice from your local mechanic or motoring expert.

Image courtesy of Freedigitalphotos.net

Motor oil 
Just as coolant in the radiator keeps the engine at a cool running temperature, oil keeps the many moving parts operating smoothly. Allowing the oil in your engine to get too low can cause your motor to seize, costing many hundreds of dollars in repairs. The worst case scenario is that the damage may be so extreme the only remedy is a full engine replacement.

Clean battery

Today’s batteries don’t need to be topped up with distilled water every month or so, as the older versions required. Nevertheless, they need regular maintenance. Modern cars rely heavily on an electrical operating system and if the terminals aren’t clean not enough current will get to where it is needed. Periodically make sure the terminals are clear of corrosion and dirt for a clear contact.

Wiper blades

This might seem obvious, as the wipers are literally right in front of you, but many people take the condition of their blades for granted. Like all moving parts of a vehicle, the rubber strips that keep your vision clear in rainy weather start to decay over time. A clear tell-tale sign is when the blades start to squeal or shudder against the glass.

Image courtesy of: Freedigitalphotos.net

Follow these five simple maintenance tasks and you’ll be on track to keeping your car in tip top shape for trouble-free motoring. For more tips and information, check out Pure Performance Motorsport on Ebay , as well as their facebook page. 


Deanna T. said...

Keeping the battery contacts clean was one bit of car maintenance I was blissfully unaware of. Thanks for the info.

Julie Harrison said...

Like Deanna, these were helpful reminders. Except for the car battery ... that is one I hadn't heard before - thanks!

Suzanne said...

Oh boy I thought I knew more then enough to get by, but this post is proving me wrong, LOL. Don't tell my hubby though, he is my go to car guy ;-)

Mom vs. the boys said...

I have to admit, I leave the vehicles up to hubby and hope he's looking after things!

Mom vs. the boys said...

I have to admit, I leave the vehicles up to hubby and hope he's looking after things!

Michelle said...

These are great maintenance tips.

Hubby has replaced our windshield wiper 3X, recently. They just want clean the rain off. He has tried different brands and still a big glob of water is left on the window, drivers side. Any ideas on what to do? Thanks :)

Evelyn Kelly said...
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