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Monday, March 24, 2014

Making Orange Naturals Part of our Daily Routine #NaturallyAtHome

Proudly, I'm sharing that I've joined the Orange Naturals Mom group of ladies.

There are several reasons I wanted to join - at the top of the list was finding a Canadian producer of top-quality naturopathic health products.  Why?  I've used toxic (prescription) drugs for varying conditions over several years, which resulted in lingering ailments.  Already, I've found that Orange Naturals has an extensive line of products, and, also to be a wealth of information - such as a blog full of great content and recipes!

As the month of March wraps up, I look back and reflect upon the last few weeks.  It's been a busy one for our family.  The children enjoyed their week off of classes with a visit to their grandparent's beef farm.  The highlight of their March Break was a visit with their second cousin.

Meanwhile, back at home, we had a huge milestone.

My Father who is battling cancer, completed 35 days of radiation therapy and two rounds of chemotherapy.  At the cancer clinic (he has his treatment at), he participated in a celebratory bang  the   gong   moment.  We are all so proud of him, but watching someone in your life withstand cancer treatment is very difficult. 

Over the course of his seven weeks of treatment, I kept the kids away from him.  His white count was so low that he was vulnerable to any little virus which may of been floating around.  I knew that if he was to become sick, he would find himself in serious trouble.  At the same time, I felt badly not letting the children visit, as I thought it would help to boost his spirits.

Incorporating Orange Naturals into our Lives 

As an Orange Naturals Mom, I  have the opportunity to try some of the PTPA award winning children's products, and share my thoughts.  These are products, that I am positive will help keep my family at their best, so we can have visits with Papa.

We've already started incorporating ND Shakes for Kids into our daily routine.  The kids are especially liking them in smoothies.  ND Kids Shakes and are the perfect mix of nutrients to support kids growth and development.  For St. Patrick's Day, I made a grasshopper pie and slipped a couple of scoops of vanilla ND Shake into the mixture - making a yummy treat, healthier.

The best thing about Orange Naturals is how easy and convenient it is to incorporate many of the products into our lifestyle.  Orange Naturals is helping me be a proactive mom - keeping my children (and family) healthy.  

Orange Naturals has numerous tinctures, homeopaths and supplements for children to help keep them at their healthiest.

Please join us in conversation on twitter : follow @OrangeNaturals to tweet with us. 

Disclosure: I am part of the Orange Naturals Mom Ambassador Program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.  

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Jennifer Van Huss said...

Welcome to the Orange Naturals Ambassador club!! My family uses these products and I notice a huge change in them and DH! I recommend them to EVERYONE!

Daniela Duriavig said...

This winter has been hard on the kids. Anything that helps them stay healthier is important in my books!

The Flying Couponer said...

Congrats to your father and your family! He is a strong man! I would love to try these naturopathic products.

Suzanne said...

Wonderful news about your dad Pam, I pray for his continued health. Thank you for sharing about Orange Naturals. It has been a rough winter for all, but my children have suffered quite a bit! I plan to look into this more.

Brandy said...

Great news about your dad! I hope he continues to start to feel better.

I have heard great things about Orange Naturals. Maybe I should look into trying them myself.

Paula Schuck said...

Kudos and strength to your Dad. Hugs to you. We watched both my husband's parents battle cancer for years. Successfully for many years and Then eventually it spread. But my MIL got a good five years after her initial breast cancer DX. I would have happily shared something like Orange Naturals with her had I know about them then. I hope with all my heart that your Dad battles successfully and is with you for many more years Pam.

Julia said...

I remember doing the keep the kids away thing when my MIL was battling cancer. It can be so hard. Hope your dad continues to kick Cancers butt! Love and Hugs and Welcome to Orange Naturals!