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Friday, March 14, 2014

Healthy, Beautiful Hair With Pro Naturals Repair System

Styling products and appliances, the environment and just plain time can take a toil on our hair.  While, I use and enjoy many drugstore shampoos, conditioners and styling products, I also think it is important to interchange those products with quality ones designed to repair hair.  In the past we've purchased repairing products through our salon.

 This time around we've been trying out 

I've heard of people raving about Argan Oil in the past, yet, was never really certain what it was - until now  Argan Oil is from Morocco and is the closest to natural hair oils, so it won't make hair heavy or oily.   Argan Oil leaves hair replenished from root to tip - leaving behind only healthy, frizz-free hair that is soft and shiny.  

Pro Naturals Argan Oil Hair Treatment System

Included in the kit is a four step hair repair system, which works great for all hair types, including coloured (like mine).
  • 1 280ml Bottle Pro Naturals Hair Shampoo
  • 1 280ml Bottle Pro Naturals Hair Conditioner
  • 1 250ml Pro Naturals Hair Mask
  • 1 50ml Pro Naturals Argan Hair Oil

Four Step Hair Repair System for all Hair Types

Pro Naturals Argan Oil Hair Treatment is a four step system, beginning with Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Repair Shampoo and Conditioner.    The shampoo and conditioner is absolutely luxurious.  It is definitely salon quality and smells wonderfully delicious.  The shampoo lathers up beautifully and in combination withe the conditioner, leaves hair feeling clean, fresh and healthy. 

Step three in the system is a Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Repair Mask.  After shampooing and conditioning, massage the repair mask into hair and leave for a few minutes.  This is not a leave in mask, and should be rinsed out.   This product leaves hair soft and manageable.  

The final step is a drop or two of a special elixir of Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Repair Treatment.  This is a leave in treatment which leave hair looking and feeling it's best.  

 (I can't forget to mention how much I love the slight fragrance of the products.)

Invest in Your Hair

The Pro Naturals Hair Repair System is not meant to be used every day, but rather one week out of every six.  The cost of this system is an investment in healthy hair.  All four products are made of excellent, high quality, all natural ingredients.   After my initial treatment, my hair felt great and I was very happy with the results.

As a thrifty momma, would one think it is a little nuts to spend this kind of money on hair products - in fact it is rather nuts not to invest in our hair.  I know that many people spend a lot of money of cuts, colouring and styling, so it is super important to keep hair its healthiest.    When used one out of every six weeks, these products will last for months. 

The cost of the Pro Naturals Hair Repair system is $189.99 and ships at no charge within Canada.  

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Jenna Em said...

This is worth taking looking into. My hair could use a "pick-me-up" treatment for spring, as winter has really done a number on it!

Margarita Ibbott said...

That sounds like it would be so good. I love the packaging. Must give this a try. Thanks for the review. I love reading them!

Jennifer Van Huss said...

What a great product! I love that the hair product contains Argon oil. I agree with you that we need to protect our and this product looks great!

Gingermommy said...

This sounds like something that would be great for my oldest daughters hair. The box it comes in would make it a great gift as well

Shannon L said...

Oh I have a new love for all things Moroccan Oil!

I will have to check this out.