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Friday, January 24, 2014

Listen to the Music

Our home is often filled with the sound of music.

We aren't particularly a musical family, yet, music plays a big part in our daily lives.  My oldest daughter was a choral singer for several years and now she is in her second year of guitar lessons.  My son is also one year into guitar lessons.  My youngest daughter can be heard singing herself to sleep most nights and just this week she signed up to be part of the primary choir at her school.

I feel that music plays a huge part in our lives.  Music can be a language all of its own and allows people to communicate even if there is a language barrier.  Music can evoke emotion and memories which we may not otherwise be aware of.

As a parent, I think it is so important to introduce young children to all types of music and instruments.  We all know that children are like little sponges when it comes to learning, and it is no different with music.  By introducing our children to various types of music they are more likely to grow up listening to, playing and enjoying all genres of music.

When I was pregnant with all three of my children, we played classical music to my belly.  I am a firm believer that those early days set in place a love and desire for music.

Coming up in February both of my guitar playing children are involved in a themed recital.  Matthew is learning to play a song and his instructor is going to sing.  Emily has her song ready and she is both playing and singing.

I would love to see them develop their skills and passion further, and maybe even one day attend a school of music, such as a music institute in Paris, or other destinations abroad.

I once read that music is what makes humans human, and with music we can all communicate - how very true!


Christine McN said...

Love this post :) I agree. Music is universal -- a way we can all communicate without even speaking the same language or coming from the same culture.

Kerrie @ Family Food and Travel said...

We love music at our house too. Country and Pop for me, anything Latin for my husband and Raffi is the boys' favourite :)
I love the way music connects you to a time, a place and a feeling.

Ourfamilyworld said...

We love music at our house! My daughter is always listening to the radio so my son! It's very enchanting and magical!

Little Miss Kate said...

We always have music on at our house too. I played the piano as a kids, and would love to get the boys into something musical once they are a bit older.

Soozle said...

I agree.. music is such an important part of life. Kudos to you for encouraging your kids to learn an instrument!

Shannon L said...

I agree 100%! I wish we were more of a music-making family :) but we do always have music playing.

Great post!

Daniela Duriavig said...

So true! Music is a big way we connect in my family. We always have tunes on, and this way everyone knows each others music. It's really nice that I share this with my teens. Anything that helps bridge the gap is a big plus!

Dex Banner said...
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