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Friday, January 31, 2014

Enter To Win a mamaRoo Bouncer from Insception Lifebank! #MymamaRoo

I am looking forward to spring - not just because this winter has been so cold and snowy, but also because I am going to be an aunt again!  I am already an aunt to six beautiful nieces and nephews, yet, this new baby is a little different.  This is the first niece or nephew to be born close by and therefore the first one I'll have the opportunity to see as a true newborn.   There is nothing quite like snuggling and breathing in a new baby, within hours of their birth.  Newborns just have a way of making you realize the miracle of life.

Being a seasoned mother of three, my sister often get asks for my parenting advice.

I've been asked about everything from child development and behaviour, to childhood illness and what baby gear items are a must-have.  While, I would never claim to be a parenting expert,  I suggest a quality baby bouncer as my number one choice of items for saving sanity with a newborn.

Just in time for Valentine's Day, Insception Lifebank has introduced a new contest for a mamaRoo Bouncer!

Thank you to Insception Lifebank for offering this Valentine's Day Contest!  Insception Lifebank is Canada's largest and most experienced cord blood program. 

My sister is having her third child and she is an advocate and believer in cord blood retrieval and  storage.   Insception Lifebank can be trusted to preserve her baby's cord blood, so the stem cells may be available should they need them.

I've checked out the mamaRoo bouncer and it looks to be the Cadillac of baby bouncers.  The mamaRoo bouncer can bounce up and down or sway side to side just as a parent does when they are comforting a baby.   What a great prize and an equally great gift idea for any new parent!

Hurry and enter for your chance to win this very special Valentine's Day Contest!

Good Luck and Happy Valentine's Day. 


Randa Derkson said...

Thanks for the info on the contest. I love my Mamaroo but it broke in half during the move to BC :(

The Modern Mom said...

Thanks for the information on Insception Lifebank, I truly believe this is a wonderful idea. I wish I had know when my LO was a baby.

Bonnie Way said...

I've seen that MamaRooo too and I'd agree - it's the Cadillac of baby rockers! I'd love to hear from someone whose baby actually liked it. :) That's a great contest - thanks for sharing! I have a few friends who are expecting so I'll have to pass this on to them... :)

Suzanne said...

This sounds like a great product,but I like that Insception Lifebank a great deal! While this was an option when my kiddos were born we found that it was way too expensive. I know you can not put a price on health, but it would be so great if the prices would become affordable.