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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Five Tips for Staying on Track over the Holiday Season

It's the holidays!

Yes, we begin early around here.  With three children, two of them still under the age of ten, Christmas comes early.  This week we experienced a couple of days of pretty heavy snow and that puts even me, in the holiday frame of mind.  The holidays bring twinkling lights, extra special family get-togethers and of course lots of rich, and decadent food.  Really, it wouldn't be the holidays without all of these things.

My sweet tooth really amps up this time of year.   I love to bake and make treats to have for my family and on hand for anyone which happens to drop in.  But, those treats can also be a big downfall for me.  If I know a tin of shortbread is on the counter, I can hear them calling to me.

The holidays can be tough for many to stay on track, take a look at a of the few tips which I try to incorporate during the holidays, I really feel they help keep me going in the right direction.  

  • Be sure to get enough sleep.  Do you realize that on average we sleep over an hour less each night now, than people did in 1980?  It's starting to catch up with us.  My number one tip is get enough zzz's.  
  • Start each and every day with a big glass of water.  We get dehydrated this time of year, especially by being indoors and the dry heat of the furnace.  By starting the day with water, our bodies become hydrated and energized for the day.
  • Keep a bowl of fresh fruit handy.  This is true all year long, but especially great this time of year.  We really love small mandarin oranges and pomegranates and they can do double duty by looking rather festive on the table, as well.  
  • Don't let the 'clutter' of the season fill your mind.  Make lists and cross things off as you accomplish.  Take a daily walk if you can, there is something about walking in the falling snow which is cathartic.  Taking our dog out on a silent snowy evening gives me a chance to clear my mind and breath in the fresh air.  
  • And, finally, enjoy those holiday treats in moderation.  Again, this year I'll have Smart Ones stocked in my freezer to eat   as a quick lunch while taking a break between wrapping gifts or stuffing a stocking.  By making a good choice at lunch time, I won't feel guilty enjoying a cup of peppermint hot chocolate later that evening, or one of those shortbread cookies.  
Photo Source: Eat Your Best Canada

Why not take a jaunt over to Eat Your Best Canada to get connected with Smart Ones and find some inspiration and ways to also stay on track this holiday season?

Disclaimer:  All opinions expressed in this post are mine, yours could differ.   

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