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Friday, October 25, 2013

Think Before You Get Behind the Wheel

This post brought to you by Insurance Hunter. All opinions are 100% mine.

One of the best things my parents ever did for me was to enroll me in Driver's Education.  In-car and in-class lessons gave me the skills to be the best defensive driver I can be and in the last 25 years I've only experienced a couple of minor incidents.

While I pride myself on being a safe driver, however, I can also see myself becoming a complaisant driver as time goes on.  Its always good to take a few minutes and refresh ourselves with some safe driving tips.   I was recently made aware of a new idea in hand placement on the steering wheel.

Safe Driving Tips from Insurance Hunter
  1. Be in the Zone ~ Each morning I walk my children to the bus stop at the end of our street.  There are about a dozen kids who gather there to catch the bus to school.  Every day, I witness one particular person speeding by on her way to work..  Doesn't common sense tell you to slow down when you see a group of children? School zones require reduced speeds, and I agree that reducing speed in all residential areas is a brilliant idea.  {http://www.insurancehunter.ca/blog/driving-tips-are-you-zone}
  2. Keep children in the Backseat ~ My ten year old son is dying to sit in the front passenger seat, it's a constant battle with him.  Children are the safest in the backseat in a car seat or booster seat, as applicable.   {http://www.insurancehunter.ca/blog/now-where-did-i-put-my-kids}
  3. Car Pool if you Can ~ Each week in our local paper I see people placing ads seeking for someone to car pool with.  It's a smart idea!  Not only is it good for our environment, having someone to talk to is the best way to stay alert and focused after a long day at work.  {http://www.insurancehunter.ca/blog/everyone-pool}
  4. Keep your Sunglasses Handy ~ A couple of weeks ago, there was a bad accident in our town, where two vehicles collided because of the sun blinding a driver.  Be sure to have proper eye wear, including sunglasses and use the visor to help block the bright sun, but be careful not to block your view of street signs and traffic lights.  {http://www.insurancehunter.ca/blog/driving-sunset}
Auto insurance is often a hot topic here in Ontario,  keeping your diving record clean will also help to keep premiums at their lowest.  Follow these easy driving tips and you will be on your way, safely!

Visit Insurance Hunter to learn more about the tips I've spoken about, and happy travels.
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Christine said...

My 8 year old also asks me to sit in the front all the time. I keep telling her no and she gets quite sad about it. ''But all my friends sit in the front.'' I try to explain to her that it's because it's too dangerous. Poor thing. If only she knew that I can't wait for her to be my co-pilot :)

Randa Derkson said...

Sunglasses are really important. I hate the sunglare at about 5-6 this time of year. It completely blinds me.

Crystal McLeod said...

Great tips, it is so easy to be distracted in the car and we really do need to go back to basics sometimes and just focus on the road and those around us!

Did you know Canada said...

I took drivers ed too and recommend it for everyone, it's a must to start out with good habits!

Shayna Murray said...

I live right by two highschools and the speeding through the school zones is CRAZY. Sadly the majority of those speeding are the students themselves.