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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Holidays are Coming: Shop and Save with CAA Membership

Many years ago we were gifted CAA Memberships for Christmas by our brother and sister in-law.  Living in the notorious snow-belt region of Ontario, it was one of the most thoughtful gifts which we have ever received.   Over the years we've used roadside assistance a few times, and having the membership is definitely a peace of mind.  However, CAA is much more than just roadside assistance, members can enjoy savings and discounts!  CAA members can enjoy exclusive discounts, and savings at over
164 000 retail and services, worldwide.

I was completely happy using my CAA membership for just the comfort it offered our family.  Yet, I wasn't using member benefits to their full potential.  But, I am getting better now, that I am more aware of what I can be saving - after all when you are raising a family in today's world every little bit helps.

 Get the most out of your membership

Most of us belong to multiple reward and loyalty programs.  We all want to save dollars here and there, or reap a reward.   And, why not?  I find though, that the more programs I belong to, the chance of not remembering to show a card is higher - I simply just forget that I could be saving or gaining points.  With CAA Rewards it is easy to save on clothing, attractions and hotels all with one card.

A great example of savings, which we recently took advantage of, was a at Courtyard Marriott.  We were just in Kingston last weekend for my little niece's baptism and took advantage of the CAA discount when booking our hotel stay.

 Introducing CAA eStore

It is super simple to earn CAA Dollars when shopping at my favourite retailers through the CAA eStore.   Check out the partner stores and then log in to CAA's website with your membership card number.  Select the store you would like to purchase from and shop as you would normally.  One CAA Dollar is equal to one Canadian dollar.  Redeem CAA Dollars for your next membership renewal, Cineplex tickets, or even travel.

The CAA eStore is pretty exciting to me!  I love online shopping, and do most of my gift buying online.  My reasons are my back injury and how much easier it is for me to shop from my home, rather than trying to walk around large malls and stores.  With holiday shopping right around the corner, using the CAA eStore is the only way I am going to purchase my family's gifts.   I see some of my favourite retailers listed as partner stores, and many more that will be ideal for purchasing those perfect holiday gifts - all from the comfort of my home.   

Hard earned dollars go further with CAA - be sure to take advantage all that a membership and savings has to offer.

Disclaimer:  This post is brought to you by CAA.  All opinions expressed are mine, yours may differ. 


Aeryn Lynne said...

Oh WOW! CAA has an estore now?? I don't own a car, but am completely convinced that I should get a membership anyway. The rewards are too good to pass up!

mamawee said...

I am not a CAA member, but after reading all the benefits (asides from the traditional road side assistance) I am beginning to rethink that...

Spaceships said...

Last month we booked a hotel room. Two weeks later my mother in law booked a room in the same hotel. Because of her CAA membership, she paid $40 less than we did! I'm now looking into memberships as it sounds like it pays for itself!

Denise G said...

Thanks for this information. I didn't know this. CAA has been around for years and sounds like it has even gotten better.

Monica said...

We bought a CAA membership a few years ago and have never looked back! There are so many perks available with your membership that it really does pay for itself!

Amy Brown said...

CAA memberships are great even with a new car, the battery can die and CAA comes right out!