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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Jillian goes to Forest School in her Tram Boots

Half way through the summer we received a letter from Jillian's new teacher, introducing herself and explaining that Jillian would be participating in Forest School this year.   We didn't have any prior knowledge of Forest School and were very keen to find out everything we could about the program.  Jillian spends one third of each school day learning outdoors and one day of the week is spent offsite at a local farm, specifically set up as an outdoor classroom.  The key to Jillian loving and thriving at Forest School is being prepared in the proper attire and gear and being ready for whatever the weather can throw at her.  (Forest School goes on regardless of the weather.)

Layering is the best way to clothe her, in the mornings it is cool, yet as the day goes on the sun heats things up and she can remove a layer as needed.  Proper footwear is most important though, she needs footwear which is comfortable enough to wear the whole day.  And, as a seven year old girly-girl she wants footwear which is stylish and cute, otherwise she just wouldn't be happy. 

Tram Footwear - Canadian Brand for Canadian Families

A few weeks ago, my friend dropped by with a pair of Tram boots which her daughter had outgrown.  Right away my little girl loved them and so did I - she was pleased-as-punch with her new-to-her-boots.  I was really impressed with how well the boots appeared, considering I knew they had been well loved and worn the previous year by my friend's daughter.    I just knew that Jillian would love a pair to call all her own.

Tram boots are made to face our harsh and unpredictable Canadian weather.  Being outdoors during school hours, I knew that the most important thing I could do was to make sure her feet were always dry, warm and comfortable in a pair of boots that were easy for her to handle. 

Here's why Tram fits the profile perfectly for attending Forest School:

  • 100% waterproof - Jillian can walk through puddles, slush or snow and her feet will always be dry.
  • Slip resistant outsole - The forest floor can be unpredictable and slippery, I can be rest assured that Jillian has the best traction no matter the terrain she encounters.
  • Three season footwear - Jillian can wear her Tram boots the whole school year, including right through the winter.  Jillian's boots are rated for -30C.
  • Grab and Pull rubber handles - Jillian is only in grade two, she needs footwear that she can easily maneuver herself.  

She's been wearing the boots daily for a couple of weeks now without any complaints.   She doesn't complain of any discomfort while wearing the boots, as she has with other boots previously and this tells me that Tram boots are an excellent choice for Forest School!

Tram boots are perfect footwear for the whole Canadian family.  There are lots of cute styles to make even the most discerning family member happy. 

Visit Tram Footwear and get to know why we love Jillian's new boots and then drop by facebook and twitter to connect with Tram, as well.

About Tram Footwear
Born in Montreal, crossroads of North-American and European cultures, Tram offers a new generation of waterproof, warm and comfortable three-season footwear. Inspired by urban life and fashion, Tram boots have been designed for those who look for function and sophistication, without compromising comfort or style.
Tram footwear designs boots for the stylish woman, urban man and ever playful kids.


Spaceships said...

Those Trams are awesome! I want a pair exactly like your daughter's for myself!

Julie Harrison said...

I didn't know Trams were Canadian! Oh, that makes me want a pair for myself and my kids even more!

Olivia @ This West Coast Mommy said...

I've had my eye on a pair of those for a while. I figure I can justify the cost because I'll be able to hand them down to my younger girl too. :-)

NPC said...

Ummmm, those are awesome. My girls would love them. The colors are so inviting. :) She looks great by the way. :D

Two Bugs said...

Forest School sounds awesome, and also, how do we get those cute boots in mom sizes?!