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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Games for a Cold and Rainy Afternoon #GameOnParty

For over a year now, my husband and I have been wanting to add to and build up a games closet.   We've found ourselves standing in front of the games selection in the store and always walk away without purchasing something.  Why?

The selection of games was always a little overwhelming to us, and we need games which would appeal to a large age range, since our children have such a large age spread.  NOW, thanks to Mattel, we are proud to open up our games closet.  It is starting to come together nicely with a good selection of some of the most popular games out there.

Over the weekend, we had planned to hold a #GameOnParty with some friends, but unfortunately the friends became ill and had to cancel.  However, all was not lost!  Sunday afternoon proved to be wet, cold and just plain yucky.  I suggested to the kids that they go and round up a couple of their favourite neighbous for some fun.  We cracked into our Game On! box and found some great games perfect for entertaining children under the age of ten.

But first - what was our Game Sign?  

The Game On! box which we received was tailored perfectly for our family.  I visited the recently launched Gameology Facebook App to find out what my sign was.  It turns out I was a Socialies. 

Find your Mattel Game On! Gameology Sign for your chance to Win weekly and monthly prizes!

It's as easy as one, two, three & four....
1.  Log onto Facebook and visit Facebook.com/MattelGameOn
2. Click on the Gameology tab on the right side of the Facebook Page
3. Complete the Gameology challenges for your chance to win.
4.  Let the App search the cosmos and determine your game sign.

Because, I was playing with relatively young children, I decided to go with some of the games that I was better acquainted with.  (aka. games which I have previously played)  For our afternoon party we played Skip Bo, Angry Birds & UNO.  I am quite familiar with Skip Bo and UNO - they are both games we've played with friends previously and the kids have played them too with their grandparents.  Angry Birds was a huge hit with the kids and one which they were happy to play over and over. 

 Tips and Tricks for hosting the perfect Game On! Party

Keep the energy going with a few of your favourite snacks.  We had chips and the kids loved the fortune cookies which were included in our Game On! kit. 

Set the mood for your party by picking a selection of music to please everyone.

Spice up a party by making it a fun theme.

Why not have some fun with the decor for your party? Ensure the theme of the party is reflected in the decor.

Start the pre-party cleaning and straightening well in advance, to reduce the stress.  When the Game On! party day arrives it will be fun and relaxing, knowing you've prepared well in advance.  

We are so happy to have these great games in our closet.  With winter coming, I can see we'll be playing games together as a family and with friends more and more.  It sure feels good to not have the television on and reconnecting as a family over a game.  It reminds me a lot of being a child growing up in rural Ontario, where are games closet was full of games both old and new.  I am hoping that my family grows to have such a love for games now, as well.  

Games teach children (and adults) to be good sports and that even though you may not win every time - it doesn't matter, as long as you played fair and had fun.  

Laughter and fun are both contagious and with Mattel games, we have a winning combination!

Disclaimer:  I was sent a Game on! kit for our honest review.  Opinions expressed are mine, yours may differ. 


Mom vs. the boys said...

we have a few of those games, but I see some new ones in there too!

Paula Huie said...

OOh I used to love playing UNO! I'd love to start being social again. I don't like going out. I think I'm going to start a game night with my friends and family! Its such great quality bonding time and you don't have to be constantly spending money.. unless you keep buying games!

Christine McN said...

Super fun! We received a Game On package too and the Angry Birds game was LO's favourite!

BIGDADDY said...

We love Uno! We taught our girls to play this past summer while on a camping trip. They love it!

Shayna Murray said...

We love games in our house and our little one is just getting to the age where she can sit still long enough to play them so I am sure we will be having lots of game nights!