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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Building the Perfect Deck for our Family

This post brought to you by Royal Building Products. All opinions are 100% mine.

Patios, docks and decks are popular destinations for Canadians, during the summer months.  Our summers seem so short, that we need to make the most of every little bit, before the cool winds of autumn come blowing in, once again.    This weekend we've been enjoying some family time celebrating my father's birthday in conjunction with the Canada Day holiday.  Yesterday, the family gathered on the back deck and reminisced about the past and our hopes for the future.

As we enjoyed an afternoon together, we also discussed the need for a deck renovation.  Over the years, we have replaced and repainted and re-stained several times, it's time for an upgrade to maintenance free decking materials.  

After some investigation we are thinking of opting for a Royal Deck from Royal Building Products.   Made of top quality PVC, these decks are built to last, as they are weather and insect resistant.   We love the fact that these decks are splinter free and safe for little and large bare feet alike, to run about.  Using these decking materials, our new deck will not absorb moisture and is impervious to rotting and mould.     A quick spray down with a hose is all that is needed to keep the deck area free of debris and looking its best, which fits perfectly with our busy lifestyle. 

Our ideal design would be a two tier deck sprawling out into the back yard, with lots of room for an outdoor entertaining area.   I would love a deck which is comfortable and inviting and large enough to accommodate our many family and friends.   I want to add plenty of outdoor lighting to set a relaxing ambiance.    Our new deck will provide years, and years of enjoyment for our growing family. 

Suummers are short and I want to enjoy every moment.  I want to spend our time enjoying our deck, not working on it!


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Doris Calvert said...

Pam have you built your deck yet? My parents put that on their deck a few years ago and in the winter it's slippery and everyone in our family has broken a bone walking on it, gets a little slippery when wet too, so be careful.

Country Mouse, City Mouse said...

Thank you for your comment and sharing, Doris.

- No, we haven't started to build our deck yet, as we are still in the planning stages.

Kyla @ Mommys Weird said...

So our deck COLLAPSED last month. UGH. We need to do this. STAT.

Zineb Bouslahmi said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Bailey said...

That deck is beautiful! I swoon over the outdoor spaces on Pinterest!

Everything Mom and Baby said...

i cant wait to see your deck when it's completed!

Jennifer Van Huss said...

Dh built us a deck last year. We absolutely love it. Good luck with your build.

Mom vs. the boys said...

our deck came with house but I always wish we were able to design our own

Randa Derkson said...

We built one last summer for our house in Alberta. What a task, this new house has come with one but it's ... plain.