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Monday, June 3, 2013

My Boy Loves His New Bike

This spring, we've had some exciting goings-on in our country town.  Our town is getting a bicycle and skate park!  After a few years of fundraising and planning it all has come together in a small, but functional place for kids big and small to safely have fun.

And so it begins!

As my son gets older he is now asking for bikes which are a little more technical and which are able to perform more stunts.   Yet, as he grows older he'll find selection and interest in bikes grow, to include ones such as a Wilier bike or a pearl izumi bike.

About a month ago, we purchased him his first BMX bike, which he has been asking begging for, for about the last year.

In the last month, Matthew has been showing me his drifts, and cat walks.    As Matthew's mom, these stunts aren't really impressing me too much, I see them more as an accident just waiting to happen.  Yet, I know boys will be boys.  He wants to learn the tricks that other boys his age and older are performing and I am really glad he now has a safe place to practice.  The streets and parking lots were not good alternatives to a skate and bike park.

In recent years we've seen skate and bicycle parks popping up in communities all around us.  Yet, our town seemed to struggle to find a suitable location, which all could agree on, and it took some convincing for town council to come to the decision that it was a go.  I am sure the park will have some growing pains and it may take some of the neighbours a little while to get used to kids being in their back yards.  But, in the end, I think it is going to be a really great facility, which gives kids another option when looking to hang out or get some exercise. 

Matthew is pretty confident of his bike, but not so much on that skateboard he received last year.    Now, Matthew has a place which he can learn to ride that skateboard, that he received for his birthday, which he hasn't really had a chance to master yet!

Does your community have a bike and skate park?  If so, is it well used? 


Just Us Girls said...

Boys will be boys. Statement that is so true. My little guy is only 5 1/2 and the number of times he's fallen off his bike or skateboard so far is more than what's on my fingers, lol. But he still gets back up and tries again.

We have a skate area at one of our parks here in town. It's filled with teen boys doing tricks, which my little guy loves to watch when we're there. I'm sure once the little guy is old enough he'll be there to join them.

Ourfamilyworld said...

We have biking paths, skating rinks. We are so lucky! My kids can bike in a safe environment!

Tammy inRdream said...

WE don't have one, but I seen them in neighboring communities! Great idea for teens to have a spot to gather!

De Balino said...

Our entire island has an amazing bike trail that goes in and out of the urban areas. Amazing for families. MANY people ride their bikes to work - rain or shine. It makes all the difference for traffic and smog.