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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Chill out with Minute Maid this Canada Day weekend! #celebratesummer

Summer time heat and humidity has hit - finally!  You will never find me complaining about the heat of the summer, as I am not a fan of winter and find myself longing for the dog days of summer during the dark and dreary ones of January and February.

I am thrilled that those dog days of summer have officially arrived!

During this last week of June, you will find me making uninspired school lunches, shopping for end of year teacher gifts, and getting ready for a very big weekend ahead.  The Canada Day long weekend is on the horizon, which (for us)  is a combined celebration of our nation's birthday and my father's 70th birthday.  My brother and sister will both be coming home with their families, including a brand new niece, who I will be meeting for the first time.

Summer time entertaining is the best.  Parties can be held outdoors, including the cooking.  I love preparing summer salads and desserts using in season fruits and veggies.  Yet, for this party,  I was very quick to claim being in charge of drinks, as I recently found summer drink inspiration at Minute Maid.   The recipes look tasty and have a visual impact, that I knew I wanted to give one or two a try, this coming weekend. 

Minute Maid, in conjunction with the Canadian Living Test Kitchen, have come up with new, unique and refreshing drink recipe inspiration - perfect for keeping us cool throughout the summer months.

Chill Out with Minute Maid

Minute Maid Peachy Sparkler

The new Minute Maid drink recipes are perfect for keeping us cool throughout the heat and humidity of the summer.  I love that the recipes are simple to follow and quick to whip up, yet pack a punch of excitement for our mouths, as well as visually.  Minute Maid frozen concentrates are readily available at all major grocery stores.

For my Dad's birthday party/Canada Day celebrations, I've decided to give Minute Maid Peachy Sparkler a try.  I think it looks and sounds perfect for pleasing all the guests - young and old.    It is different from our ordinary go-to party drink and it looks perfectly refreshing.  

Peachy Sparkler
(Makes 10 servings)

1 can Minute Maid® Peach Punch Frozen concentrate, mixed with 1 ½ cans water
2 cups Minutes Maid® Original 100% chilled Orange Juice from concentrate
½ cup lime juice
5 cups Sprite® beverage*
In large bowl or pitcher, stir together Minute Maid® Frozen Peach Punch with Minute Maid® 100% Orange Juice and lime juice.

To serve: Fill glass with frozen grapes and peaches. Fill halfway with juice, top up with Sprite®.  Alternately, skewer grapes and peach slices on a straw and freeze.

Per approx. 1 cup (9 oz.) serving: about 128 cal, 1 g pro, 0 g total fat (0 g sat. fat), 34 g carb (0 g dietary fibre, 33 g sugar), 0 mg chol, 30 mg sodium, 12 mg potassium. % RDI: 67% vit C, 6% folate.

* Sprite Zero® can be substituted if preferred

Minute Maid Kid Friendly Sangria

I know though, that not all people have the time or need to make these types of recipes.  Minute Maid has introduced a brand new frozen product just for those who love smoothies - Minute Maid Frozen Fruit Smoothies are hitting store shelves now.   Canadians now have the option of making delicious smoothies quickly and easily, thanks to Minute Maid.  Made with 100% juice, real fruit puree and no added sugar, Minute Made smoothies can be made in three simple steps. 

  • Pour can contents into a blender
  • add ice and water (or milk, yogurt, or ice cream for a creamier smoothie) 
  • and blend

These new smoothies are available in strawberry-banana and tropical varieties.  Be sure to keep an eye peeled for these this summer, I am predicting they are going to be a big hit.  

Celebrate Summer with Minute Maid

Find inspiration for trying refreshing easy drinks by visiting Minute Maid and checking out the exciting recipes from the Canadian Living Test Kitchen.    It's going to be a long, steamy summer, with lots of time spent on the patio, or relaxing in the hammock, or playing in the sand at the beach.   It's going to be the perfect summer for enjoying these Minute Maid drink recipes!

Celebrate summer with me and enjoy a Minute Maid inspired drink and Smoothie, let's make summer 2013 the best one yet!

Minute Maid Watermelon Grapefruit


 Disclaimer:  This post is written by me on behalf of Minute Maid.  All opinions expressed are mine, and not influenced in any way. 


Kyla @ Mommy's Weird said...

Okay, trust me on this, 1/2 a beer, fill glass with minute maid lemonade then a shot of vodka. I thought this was crazy til I tried it!

Randa Derkson said...

What a perfect recipe for a summer drink :)

Jennifer Hunt said...

we tried the minute maid smoothie in walmart the other day and it was SO yummy!

Paula Schuck said...

Oh the Minute Maid Watermelon drink sounds delicious. Buy Kyla's drink sounds better.

Mom vs. the boys said...

my kids would love that sangria! it looks so festive!