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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Join me for Breakfast in Bed with Philly! #PhillyChocolate

Earlier this year, I was thrilled to hear that a new product was hitting the dairy case at my local grocer - Philadelphia Chocolate Cream Cheese Spread.  I use a lot of Philadelphia Cream Cheese in my home, in baking, in cooking and as a spread.  There is nothing quite like it, so, I was pretty interested in giving the new Chocolate variety a try.  I ran, not walked to our local store to scour the shelves for it.

Now, Philadelphia Chocolate Cream Cheese Spread is a must have staple in my fridge.

We have been enjoying Philadelphia Chocolate in our breakfast routine.  It is fantastic on toast or bagels.  Philadelphia Chocolate is a refrigerated dairy spread,  and has half the sugar and calories as other chocolate spread.  Plus, it is milk chocolate.    Sounds good, right?     With Mother's Day just passed, I am sure many mother's enjoyed breakfast in bed, yet, if you didn't, take heart - the time is now!

Who (besides me) would love breakfast in bed with Philly?  Who would love to start their day by being pampered by your man (or family), by being served delicious Chocolate Philadelphia, while still being nestled in bed?

It might take a little prodding,  but it can be done.  Join me in taking the Chocolate Philly FB Breakfast in Bed *Likes* Challenge.

It's simple and fun, all you need to do is head over to Philadelphia Cream Cheese Canada on facebook to find a status update to make all your own.

 Friends can help friends get a Chocolate Philly breakfast in bed! It's simple. All you do is get 20 likes after copying and pasting this post:
“If I get 20 likes, [tag your loved one here] is serving me Chocolate Philly in bed. Help a girl out!”
Then, sit back and encourage your friends to like your status, and you can do the same thing for your friends.  Shortly, when you have received 20 likes on your update, your significant other will be feeling the pressure to serve up some Breakfast in Bed with Philly.  It's all in fun, and it may just be the extra push needed, to being treated on a weekend morning.   Then, when you've had the royal treatment, post a photo to the Philadelphia Cream Cheese Canada facebook page. 

There is a money saving coupon coming May 21st, that can be downloaded right from the Philly facebook page, to help you get on your way to 20 likes.

Philly Chocolate will melt in your mouth!

I am really looking forward to seeing all the fabulous and fun photos of girls being spoiled, and eating Chocolate Philly in bed!  So update you status today.

Disclaimer:  This post is brought to you by Kraft Canada.   Opinions expressed are mine, yours may differ. 


Shayna Murray said...

I'm totally going to do this challenge. But if there are going to be pictures involved I'm going to have to get up early and do my hair and make up first!!!

Brandi Yee said...

I'm loving this Philly Chocolate! It's SOOO tasty and really hits my sweet tooth in the morning without being too overwhelming or sweet. :) Love the challenge too!

Bewildered Bug said...

Oh my goodness that looks so creamy and lovely! This may actually change my Nutella habit to a Philly Chocolate habit!

Jodi Shaw said...

There is just something about breakfast in bed that makes it all worth while right????

Alyssa K said...

I can't wait to see people's status start changing to this challenge! Chocolate and breakfast - cant go wrong!

NPC said...

Mmmm, I can't wait to see those pics too! I need ideas! :) The chocolate on your toast looks mouth watering.

Jennifer Van Huss said...

It looks so rich and creamy! Definitely something to liven up my GF toast! ;)

mr cc mouse said...

Am I feeding the cat, and dog too? Far too many crumbs. How about you eat in the living room, and i'll wash the dishes.

Sydney Bows said...

Would love to try this, but does it just taste like nutella?

mamawee said...

I wouldn't get breakfast in bed even with a facebook campaign for it; but that's ok. I love chocolate philly - either as a fruit dip or no bake chocolate cheesecake!

jonh lee said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Lyne Proulx said...

Philly Chocolate is so yummy. Just wish my friends would like my post so I could get breakfast in bed!