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Thursday, April 4, 2013

There is a funk amongst us, but I have Old Spice Fresh Collection to come to the rescue #PGMom

There is a funk in the air.  I've smelt this funk before and I was bewildered the first time, but not now.

It's the funk of a pre-adolescent  boy.  On the previous occasion it was a pre-adolescent girl, and this time I know what the funk in the air is all about.   This is the time when a young man must become accustomed to a trusted product called deodorant.

Old Spice Fresh Collection  is the first ever line of deodorant inspired by destinations of freshness - providing a world of freshness coming from five of the freshest places on our planet.  

Old Spice Fresh Collection scent technology works all day long and kicks in whey guys (or boys) need it most.    Not only will they enjoy the scent when it is applied, it also kicks in again for a second burst of scent when they start to sweat.

Matterhorn  smells like ice, wind and freedom
Fiji  smells like palm trees, sunshine and freedom
Belize  smells like ocean breeze with lime
Denali  smells like wilderness, open air and freedom
Komodo  smells like exotic winds and spicy freedom
Cyprus  smells like limes, an ocean breeze and freedom

Thanks to the Old Spice Fresh Collection the funk amongst us has been replaced.  Thank you, Old Spice!  (Matthew's teachers and other adults in his life say thank you too.)

*Please note that Old Spice is not intended for use on young children. *

Disclaimer:  I am a P&GMom and receive special perks as a result of my affiliation.  The opinions expressed on my blog are mine, yours may differ. 


MrDisco said...

Denali is quite nice

Stephanie said...

LOL You are too cute...the funk of boys, you can smell that when you walk down every single public school hall.
Love that Old Spice is appealing to a brand new generation!

Carrie Butler said...

I love the look and love the scent of this. Old Spice sure has come a long way since my grandfather used it as his hygene product of choice