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Monday, April 1, 2013

New Kraft Pourable Dressings are perfect for Spring Cookouts! #NewPourables

Has spring, finally sprung?  I have the windows open and the sun is warming up the house.  I dare say, that spring may have finally shown up.  My thoughts turn to green grass and  leaves, planting flowers, barbequing, and enjoying suppers outside on the patio.   Hibernation time is over, Canadians!

Like a lot of people, my eating habits tend to change with the seasons as well.  We transition from soups and stews to lighter meals, including a lot of fresh salads, as the weather warms.

Just in time for that annual transition from winter to spring, Kraft Canada has introduced new pourable dressings in flavours sure to excite.

Introducing four new Salad Dressings from Kraft

How does a salad dressing made with real fruits and vegetables sound? 

New Kraft pourable dressings are just that - made with real fruits and veggies.    These new dressings are made with no artificial flavours or colours and low in fat and salt.    Each dressing is unique and offers an amazing taste sensation! 

Flavours as diverse as we are
 Look on store shelves for these new Kraft Pourable dressings:
  • Berry Balsamic
  • Fire Roasted Tomato with basil
  • Roasted Yellow Pepper, garlic and lime
  • Garlic Parmesan with roasted cauliflower

Our extended family had the special treat of being able to try out the bold new flavours during our Easter celebrations.  I put together a salad of mixed greens and set out the new pourable dressings for them to pick and  choose which dressing appealed to them most.

I was most excited to try Berry Balsamic vinaigrette, yet the thing about these dressings is that even though today I felt like Berry Balsamic, tomorrow I might feel like Fire Roasted Tomato with Basil dressing and that same mixed salad takes on a whole new taste.    As everyone was enjoying their salads and meals I suprised them by sharing that the new Kraft dressings each contain only  25-30 calories per serving.

Everyone raved about how much they enjoyed the dressing they tried and were curious to take a look at the ones which they didn't pick that time.  I pointed out to them the side label on each bottle.  Each has a suggested use, beside salad dressing.  For instance, Garlic Parmesan With Roasted Cauliflower could be added to mashed potatoes for an great twist on the classic dish - done easy.

Liven & Lighten up your meal, tonight

As we move into spring,  I think, we will find ourselves enjoying these new Kraft Pourable Dressings several times a week.  I love the great flavour combinations and love how they take an ordinary salad and make it extraordinary.

 New Kraft Salad Dressings made a great addition to our Easter celebration

Which makes these dressings absolutely perfect for special occasion meals, everyday school-night meals, and  all those upcoming spring cookouts! 

Disclaimer:  This is post is brought to you by my affiliation with SheBlogs.  All opinions expressed are mine, yours may differ. 


Candace said...

They are just so versatile. That's what I love best about these dressings....that they won't go to waste :)

A Busy Mommy said...

There is so much you can do with these! Finally a dressing that wont end up expired in my fridge!

Annie Brown said...

Oh wow... these look really good. I am one for having expired dressing in my fridge and I agree with A Busy Mommy they look like they would get all used up at this house.

Randa Derkson said...

I would never think to add these to potatoes. Great idea!

Everything Mom and Baby said...

I usually make my own but being pregnant has gotten me a little lazy and I also love the potato idea!

Stephanie said...

Oh love these fresh twists on dressings! Thanks for the heads up, I will be on the look out for them.

Victoria S said...

I really want to try these! I love Kraft dressings and didn't know they had a new line!

Victoria Ess