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Monday, April 15, 2013

My Readers Have Their Say: Readers Review The Schick Razor! {and $50 winner announcement}

We gave away 25 Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment Razors to loyal blog readers, back in March.   All those winners were invited to come back and  submit their own reviews and opinions on the razor.

Now one of the readers who has submitted a review will win a $50 Visa Card!  But, first let's find out what people thought of the razor, shall we.

#1  Holly:
I love the razor.  The smell, the shape and the cut of it.  It looks good in my shower also.  The only negative for me, and it really isn't even an issue, is that
lovely holder that suctions to the wall.  I can never seem to get any suction to work for me.  I would rate the razor a 5/5! Definitely going to spread
the word to my friends, it just feels like you are taking care of you skin when you use it.
#2  Stephanie:
The Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment Razor is by far the best razor I've ever owned. First of all, it doesn't even feel like your shaving even though it's extremely close to your skin. It feels like your moisturizing (no need for lotion) and it smells very yummy. The best part is the feel of your skin afterwards, so incredibly smooth. This is a product I'm definitely going to stick with and recommend to anyone looking for a good razor.

#3  Toby:
Totally love this razor and everything about it! From the convenient holder, large grip handle, the tropical smell, to the silky smoothness I'm left with. I especially love the feature that it has it's built-in lotion!

#4  Maria:
I really liked the razor. It smelt so good and left my skin feeling very nice and smooth! 


#5  Cheryl:
When I first tried the razor, it felt so gentle that I didn't think it was doing anything.  Then I looked down and the hair was gone!  No pulling or scraping.   It left my skin soft and smooth.  Much better than what I'd been using!

I can't get the suction-cup holder to stay attached to my shower wall, which is too bad, because other than not sticking, it seems well designed.  But I'm so happy with the razor that I really don't mind not being able to use the holder.

Thank you for the opportunity to try this razor!


#6   Jennifer:
First thing I noticed when I opened the package was the amazing smell. Reminds one of the beaches you want smooth legs for. The four blades makes shaving effortless with no need for a second pass. The moisture bar leaves your skin feeling soft and silky. Great design!


#7  Susan:
I tried the razor on several continuous days to check for any problems that may occur. The razor left my skin feeling soft and it didn't nick my skin. It was easy and fast to use. And I suffered no skin irritation at all - no itching, soreness, inflamed skin
I would have preferred that it was unscented, and I did have a problem attaching the suction cap to the shower walls. It only could be attached to the inside of my bathroom cabinet, which is inconvenient.

#8  Loretta:
After trying it out, I would say that I am really satisfy with the performance of this razor.  When I opened it from the package, I like the smell of it.  It is really refreshing.  It is not like some of those products in the market that the scent is so fake that make me feel uncomfortable.  I don't need to apply any shaving gel or shaving cream at all while shaving using this razor which is a good thing.  Also, after I shaved, I did not get any rash or uncomfortable.  I also like the little holder that comes with the package to hold the razor.  That's very thoughtful of the company.  The size is bit bulky for this razor but overall, I like this razor and I would definitely recommend it to my friends.

#9  Robyn:
Bliss could describe the feeling after using the Schick Intuition Razor I received.  I love the smell of Coconut and this was a true experience.  Pure nourishment also covers the skin feeling after use and is a good description.  I like the 'no need' for shave gel.

#10  Sarah:
The Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment is great! The comfort handle is really nice to use, it's super easy on my hands. The fact that it's self-lathering is ideal, as it saves me time AND money, 2 things that are always at a premium. (I really appreciate that it comes with a replacement cartridge too.) The scent of coconut and almond oil is absolutely divine and makes me feel like I'm at the spa, even if it's only the bi-weekly 10-minute shower that my wild brood affords me. Thanks to the Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment razor, I can have a few minutes of divine "me" time!


#11  Dianne:
When I saw the razor I realized I used to own an earlier version of it.  I like this one much better.  The earlier version was shorter and flat.  This new one is much easier to hold onto with it's longer shaped handle.  It gives you good control and gets rid of the hair quickly.  It is so easy to use and I liked not having to juggle with a can of shaving gel in the shower.  The built in conditioning soap smells great and did not irritate my usually sensitive skin.  After using it my legs felt smooth.  Usually after shaving my underarms applying deodorant stings, but I was pleasantly surprised to not have that problem so there must be something in it that soothes the skin.  I will continue to use this razor in future.  It is much better than the Venus one I have tried and the various disposables I have bought in the past.  I also like the little hanger that comes with it so that I can leave it hung up in the shower.
#12  Lori:
always associate the best in razors with the Schick brand. I have tried Schick Intuition razors before but this Pure Nourishment takes the shaving experience to a higher level.  They have improved the Intuition by adding coconut milk and almond oil so it leaves your skin extra smooth, non itchy and the smell of coconut is fantastic. The smell reminds me of vacationing in the sunny tropics!

The razor also cups with a suction cup holder so you can easily attach it to the shower/bath so its readily available. The pivoting head makes it a breeze to get a close and save shave both under your arms or in even more intimate places!

Great price, great product...I highly recommend!


#13  Debbie:
Thank you for allowing me to review  the new Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment razor.
I am impressed by the closeness of the shave, especially under my arms. The soap immediately dispenses evenly, and effortlessls, leaving behind a very nice scent, and a non sticky feeling. The soap easily rinses away, leaving smooth soft skin.
The only problem I had was finding a place where the holder would stick properly, but honestly that is not a problem. I improvised.

#14  Shari:
I really liked the Schick Intuition Razor. I found it left my legs feeling ultra smooth and soft without any leftover stubble. This will definitely replace my usual razor!

#15  Karla:
I received this razor for free from a giveaway on Countrymousecitymouse. At first glance,,I thought to myself,,that it would be way too big and clumsy to hold,and I wouldn`t like it. I gave it a shot while I was showering,,and absolutely loved it! ..Let me tell you that I never take very much time to shave my legs,,I skim over them in the shower as quick as possible,,usually just with soap or bodywash,,hoping for the best with no knicks or cuts,,sometimes,,that doesnt work out too well! I tried this razor,,and quickly zoomed over my legs,,and was really surprised. It is a lot bigger than my regular razors,,but it was surprisingly really nice to hold and went over my legs really smoothly. It just glided along nicely. I came out of it with no knicks or cuts at all! I would definaltey use this again!! Thanks!


Thank you to all who took the time to send back their thoughts.  It sounds like these winners are all very happy with their new Schick Razors.

The lucky winner of the $50 Visa Card is lucky number 13, as chosen by Random Number Generator! Congratulations to Debbie! 

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Victoria S said...

Great reviews! I had the chance to try out this razor from another blog and absolutely loved it, as did many of your readers!

Victoria Ess