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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Are you a Super Mom?

When I hear the term Super Mom I think of many amazing women that I've had the opportunity to know and love.   I think a lot of moms are pretty super in their own rights  Yet, there is one very special mommy who stands out as a definite Super Mom!

My sister - Kelly.

Kelly is the kind of mom who has endless energy and ideas.  Her children and family are her life and her priority.  She is a mom which won't be seen on the sidelines at any time during her children's lives.  I've watched my little sister find her calling in motherhood.

I really feel that Kelly epitomizes the term Super Mom.  How many new moms can say that they packed up her house and moved from the United States to Canada while being post postpartum?  How many moms can say that they cared for a newborn, a two year old and packed up a house to move countries while being postpartum?  My sister, Kelly can!

Two years ago, right after Kelly's son was born, she and her family only had a few weeks to be moved out of their home, as it was rented.    They were moving into my parent's basement in Ontario, so her husband could attend teacher's college to pursue his lifelong dream of being a teacher. 

Anyone who has ever had a newborn understands the complete exhaustion, now couple that with recovering from giving birth,  packing up a house, and caring for a toddler and you've got an unbelievable situation.  Kelly rose to the challenge and kept her cool, and I think she earned the title Super Mom!

Maybe you know a Super Mom too!

While, I think my sister is pretty fantastic, I know that she is not alone.  Maybe you know someone too, who deserves the name of Super Mom.  Let's celebrate all Super Moms this Mother's Day by sharing their amazing story of motherhood and they may even have the opportunity to win a prize!

I've spoke about LowestRates.ca previously and how they can save families money in their household budgets.  Well, now they want to show moms how much they are appreciated with a fun contest all about the Super Mom.  Share your story to win!  Find out all the details how to enter and share your inspiring story by visiting LowestRates.ca on facebook

Happy Mother's Day to all the Super Moms out there!  I think we are all super in our own way.  I am looking forward to reading and finding inspiration to be the best I can be,  in the stories submitted. 


Shannon L said...

Great contest to celebrate Mom!

Ashley said...

Happy Mother's day to you too!

Kathryn Lavallee said...

Hurray! So many amazing Super Moms out there; I can't wait to read about them all!

Aeryn Lynne said...

I can think of many super moms, all of which I've met online with their blogs and at conferences. :) Happy Mothers Day to all you fabulous Mommies! :)

Pip444 said...

Pam, what a lovely write up about your sister Kelly. Wow, she is a super mom and I enjoyed reading about her. I happen to think you are a super mom too Pam!! Happy Mothers Day to all super moms.

NPC said...

She is so pretty just like you m'dere! What a great way to celebrate Super Moms! :)