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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Lots of exciting NEW products at Kellogg's! Have you tried them yet?

In February we received a few new cereals and snacks to try, courtesy of Kellogg's.

Kellogg's Mini-Wheats Centres {Raspberry Flavour}

Joining the already great line up of Mini-Wheats cereal varieties is new Raspberry Flavour, which is made with real fruit.  Of course, this cereal is a high source of fibre and made with 100% whole grain.

My youngest daughter and I are loving this new cereal.  I am a big fan of original mini wheats, so this is a great addition to an already delicious line of cereals.  My young daughter loves anything which has a fruit taste, so this is a great pairing for her.

Kellogg's All Bran {Cranberries & Clusters}

All Bran is a staple in many homes, as a great way to promote digestive health.  All Bran Cranberries & Clusters is a very high source of fiber with a hint of sweetness.   These are toasted bran flakes with a lightly sweet vanilla flavour, along with tangy ruby red cranberries and crunchy multi grain clusters.

I  like to eat this cereal by the handful.  Every handful is a sweet little crunch, plus I think I am eating a pretty healthy snack.

Kellogg's Special K Granola Bars

Exciting new Special K bars add to the growing line of Special K products.  We tried Peanut Butter Chocolate flavour and Dark Chocolate flavour, each has 110 calories per bar.

Kellogg's Nutri Grain Soft Bakes {Banana Bread}

Perfect for breakfast on the run or an afternoon snack, we love these new soft bars.  The banana flavour was very good!

Kellogg's Special K  Cracker Chips  {Zesty Southwest &Bar-B-Q Flavour}

Crunchy crackers which satisfy my love of chips, but with 80 calories per 18 crackers!  These are my favourite snacks these days.  The flavour of these cracker chips is excellent.

While, I've spoke of all these wonderful new products, I also know that there are many Canadians who don't have enough to eat.  The statistics are shocking, one in eight people around the world are affected by hunger.   In Canada, one in seven children live in poverty and are at risk of going to school with an empty stomach.    Kellogg's remembers the hungry with their new initiative - Breakfasts for Better Days.

Through Breakfasts for Better Days, Kelloggs will provide one billion servings of cereals and snacks to children and families by 2016.    Half of these servings will be to children to help them start their day.    Breakfasts for Better Days will support new and existing breakfast club programs across Canada.  

Disclaimer:  I am part of the Kellogger's blogger network and receive special perks as a part of my association.  

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