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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Customer Service....where did you go?

First, I must share that there was a long time in my life where I worked in customer service at a large, national retail chain.  I was the assistant manager, then later the manager of customer service in a store which was doing over a million dollars of business a week.  So, I dealt with a lot of different issues and tried to help people and find solutions to their issues - I'm just saying that I recognize when I receive the service I once gave to my customers.  Now, some things I just could not change, like if debit or credit was down, but, if it had to do with your experience or your money that was my responsibility to make sure I made it right. 

In the last few months, I've found a serious lack of customer care.   I've come to the conclusion that the only voice I have anymore is my buying power, because companies just don't listen or care.  Maybe they think one customer being upset isn't that big of a deal, but they should.

Yesterday, I attempted to return a jacket which I had purchased online to a retail location to avoid the shipping charge to send back through the mail.  However, they would only honour the current selling price because the price I paid wasn't printed on the packing slip they sent with my purchase.  The current selling price was $20 less than I paid a couple of weeks ago.  I returned home with the jacket and called their customer service number and spoke to a condescending young man, who told me I could send the coat back through the mail and get my full refund.  He then asked me if he could do anything else for me?   I said he could offer to refund the return shipping, since I don't really see how it is my problem that their system isn't set up to handle online returns, in-store.  He told me no and wished me a good day.    Don't forget, I worked the other side of the counter form many years, I understand policies are in place for a reason.   Listening to what I was saying would of gone a long way.

So, today, I am taking that jacket to the post office, along with the other two items I purchased in that order.  I am returning my entire order and this company will not receive any more of my money.  Essentially, they lost a customer over ten dollars.  

Maybe they think, who cares about that ranting woman?  Well they should.  The retailer I purchased from is a Canadian retailer, with a head office in Montreal,  for tween/teen girls.  I have a 15 year old daughter, I've spent hundreds of dollars at this store over the last few years, and would of continued to for several more years to come.  And, I have a younger daughter who will be growing into that store within a few years.

All I wanted to do was return a jacket my daughter didn't like.    Now, I know not to purchase from this company again as they don't care about my business, yesterday or in the future.  


Jane In The Jungle said...

You go girl! I am also a stickler for good customer service. I worked it in restaurants, banks, our local university. There is no excuse for me not to receive courteous attention from someone I am dealing with, even if they can't help me. Where did the "customer is always right" attitude go??? Oh yeah, I forgot, Wall Street, it's all about the bottom line and not the customer now....they think we are a dime a dozen. I don't think they understand we can go elsewhere also....and eventually more and more will!

linett said...

you are right on all accounts, customer service has gone the way of the dodo bird. We have to stand up for ourselves.

Elizabeth FrugalMomEh said...

Oh I am with you there! I think a lot of times it comes down to lack of training and managers who just don't take responsibility for their staff.

I've had a few shocking moments similar to that most notably was an encounter at Zellers with a cashier - needless to say I didn't buy anything in my cart that day and I never returned with my $ again.

Margarita Ibbott said...

I feel your pain. I am amazed sometimes when people don't recognize that one bad customer service experience will actually cost them 1,000s of dollars in revenue. I did the same with a hair salon that was appalling. I continue to tell everyone to not go there. When my sister said she did...I said, girlfriend they treated your daughter horribly last year and you will NEVER return. Her daughter confirmed it and well...she is finding a new hairdresser!

Gingermommy said...

I have been getting really grumpy about things like this lately. Why do companies not put more efforts on their customers and making things right? Sorry you had to deal with this. I look at it like my list of retailers is constantly shrinking so those who have great customer service will get the benefits in the long run