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Monday, February 11, 2013

The Perfect Gift for Valentine's Day

Can you feel the love in the air?  With Valentine's Day this week, retailers are full of gift ideas to express  your love to your sweetheart. 

I really enjoy the bright pop of red and pink hearts in the middle of a snowy winter.  Valentine's Day lifts my spirits, a day devoted to love is just what the doctor ordered to beat the winter time blues.

But, what is the perfect gift to give and receive on February 14th?

The most popular gifts given on Valentine's Day are chocolate and flowers.  You wouldn't ever see me turning down a box of chocolates, but,  I am always glad to place a vase of flowers in the center of my table for the whole family to enjoy.  Yet, how about a romantic candle light dinner for two?  Or, maybe even a hot air balloon ride at sunset?   Don't forget something shiny from the jewelry store, or something frilly from the lingerie store.  It seems that Valentine's Day has evolved into a huge gift giving day, and I say, why not?  I appreciate the one I love, and I like to be shown that he feels the same about me.
Personally, a beautiful bouquet of flowers is a pretty awesome gift.  (Maybe it is because I don't feel I am given flowers often enough.)   Now, with the ability to purchase a floral valentines gift online, I can't see how anyone could ever use the excuse that they couldn't find the time to purchase flowers for their love.

Tulips are my favourite!

Without a doubt, I would choose tulips  any day of the week.  The romance of this display of flowers from Interflora is elegant and would make me smile if they were delivered to my door step on Valentine's Day.    Yet, I know that most people would say they prefer roses.  Don't get me wrong, I love roses as well, especially a pretty mix of both pink and red together.  Roses are such a classic and I think many people think of them automatically on Valentine's Day.

Roses are the classic choice on Valentine's Day

So, do share, how will you celebrating  this year?   What do you consider to be the perfect gift to receive on Valentine's Day? 


Kathryn Lavallee said...

I LOVE getting roses but I actually prefer pink or white to the traditional red. Last year my hubby gave me rainbow roses and they were the most beautiful flowers I've ever had!

Little Miss Kate said...

I am not a flower girl myself (my cat just eats them), but my Mom loves roses. She just got some last weekend from my Step-Dad!

Shayna Murray said...

I'm happy to pass on chocolates for Valentine's Day but my husband knows that flowers are a must I almost always have fresh flowers in the house and always look forward to seeing what my husband picks out for Valentine's!

Sny Med said...

For Valentine's Day, I would love a relaxing massage. Come to think of it, I would take a massage for my birthday, anniversary...or even Halloween!


Kelly said...

Valentine's Day doesn't hold big value in our home. We of course celebrate with our LO and give her a little something and some love - but my husband and I really celebrate our love on our anniversary (and every day...so cheesy!). :) Those flowers are beautiful!

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

I do love flowers, but only if it's a mixed bouquet. Otherwise, I'm bored!