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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Planning for a vacation!

I am really hoping to be able to take my family on a Disney vacation this year! 

We are just in the planning stages, yet, we are having a great time checking out the various resorts and meal plans available.  I had no idea all the choices to be made and it is truly exhilarating to even be thinking about taking a vacation...finally.  Several years ago we took the kids, my youngest was just a baby, so she has no memories of our time at Disney World.    My son was only three years old and he floated on air the entire week we were there.  His most favorite part of the trip was meeting his heroes from the movie Cars

Photo source:  Virgin Holiday Cruises
Then recently,  my nine year old son told me about his best friend taking a Disney Cruise.    I had an epiphany - we could get the best of both worlds wrapped up in one.  I've always wanted to go on a cruise, and at the same time, I am wanting to get my family to Walt Disney World before the children seem too old to go.  A Disney cruise is a great alternative!

Virgin's Disney cruises are just what I'm looking for, including a phone call from Mickey Mouse upon booking!   Wouldn't the kids go wild to have Micky tell them that we are going on a cruise?

Taking some time to find our more about Disney cruising, I found it is fun for adults and children alike.  It sounds like a cruise is the best of both worlds - Disney World and all the experiences upon a cruise ship.

Disney is well known for how they care for their guests while visiting.  Cruising offers that same care and attention, plus loads of organized activities for children of all ages.  Parents are not forgotten when on a Disney cruise.    While the kids are occupied, mom and dad can enjoy a spa experience, or relax by an adults only pool.   

Just looking at all the pictures and descriptions of the various excursions, I am starting to think that a family cruise is the way to go.   Now, to only get all the stars to align and we can actually make a vacation happen. 


NPC said...

We are actually looking into a family cruise, especially a Disney one! EEEK. Exciting!

Christine McN said...

Oh, wow! We're actually looking into a family cruise too! This would be fab!

Sny Med said...

My family would love to take a Disney Cruise! We went to Walt Disney World in Orlando this December. I think that when the time is right, we'll try a Disney cruise. Thanks for the share!


Nicole said...

Disney is one place that is up there on my travel list. I can't wait to see my kids live the experience! A Disney cruise would be so much fun too!

Lori said...

A cruise seems like it would be an easy vacation. We're doing disney next january!

Shash said...

The kids want us to take them on a cruise!! Dave and I did one just the two of us last year and we loved it. One day... when it's affordable for 6 of us to travel on something like this, we will :)