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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Water Babies

Like a lot of the country, we have been in the deep freeze this whole week.   I admit to liking the sound of crunching snow under my boots as I walk, yet, the extreme cold can tire quickly.  This is the time of year which I start to long for summer and days spent at the beach with friends. 

July 2012 - Family Day at the Beach

Yet, right now, those long hot days of summer past seem like a distant memory.   My son Matthew has a mid-summer birthday, which we always celebrate with a day at the beach - it is one of my favourite days of the year. 

With the heat and warm lake temperatures record numbers of people flocked to the beaches last summer, which also resulted in several tragic drownings.    It is not just smart to always put a life jacket or float suit on young children when around bodies of water,  it will also help with their confidence in and around water. Konfidence is an online retailer which offers brightly coloured float suits for children aged one through five, which are absolutely adorable.

We began swimming instructions when my children were babies, I thought it was really important for them to feel comfortable around water from an early age.     Yet, I always felt so badly for my baby, who would shiver all through the lesson.  My little nephew is taking lessons right now, and I must share award-winning Babywarma suits with my sister, they keep babies warm and are made of materials which offer caretakers a firm grip on slippery babies. 

My family really are a bunch of water babies, who love to play at the beach.  It is a wonderful way to spend a hot summer day.  Though, we always need to be diligent and remember water safety, and keep children in our sight and within an arms reach. 

So, are you longing the return of summer beach days, or do you love that crunch of snow beneath your boots? 


Little Miss Kate said...

I am totally dreaming of a vacation. I have friends going a a cruise in a couple of weeks and am very jealous.

Jennifer Levac said...

I am longing for summer for long walks and days at the beach and park. I am not a winter person and I am missing my almost 5k walks. Not easy to walk with all the ice or snow.

Torviewtoronto said...

we are looking forward to beach days

mamawee said...

I can't wait till this summer when we are able to go to my aunts cottage. The boys love to play on the beach!

Mommy Moment said...

I am so sick of this deep freeze! We put the girls in swim lessons on Saturday mornings, just to get some time out of the house since it has been too cold to play outside! Can't wait for summer fun!