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Monday, January 28, 2013

These Unpredictable Winters

Last winter was the most mild I can ever recall.  We hardly had any snow fall and if we did it was gone again within a day or two.  For those of us who aren't big fans of the white stuff, it was a great winter.  Yet, for those who rely on snow to make a living it was a very difficult year.

Close to us there is a golf course, which makes use of the winter weather and runs a tube slide in the winter months.    It is a huge attraction around here, the older school kids always take a day to visit in late winter, as well as scouting groups.    My family has been there a few times and always came home with reports of great  fun had by all, ending in a special treat of a hot chocolate at the clubhouse.

Last year with the dismal show of natural snow, they were never so happy to have an artificial snow machine to keep their business open.  My daughter's grade eight class had several dates which had to canceled due to the temperatures being too warm to even keep the granular fake snow from melting.     When they finally did find a day to go, it was funny to see in her pictures, the green grass next to the snowy tube slides.

Si far, this year has been quite a bit better.  At least we are getting some cold temperatures, and any snow we do get is not melting within a day or two.  Though, it's definitely not like winters past, where we would get snow in November and it would stick right through to the end of February.    I don't really mind these mild winters, but I know there are lots of people who love to get out there and play in the snow.    And, I am sure that tube ride and ski hill operators are pretty thankful for their snow making equipment during these unpredictable winters.


Cheryl Kirkness said...

We have no shortage of snow this year! Our backyard is almost filled up to the top of the fence with snow.

Randa @ The Bewitchin' Kitchen said...

Oh my goodness, I just opened my front door and was frozen in place. - 35 with the wind chill today.

NPC23 said...

We have had a mild winter and not much snow to play in. I don't mind but, I do kinda miss the snow!

Just Us Girls said...

We're actually just now getting snow. It's been pretty mild over this way as well. I think last week was the coldest it's been in a long while.

Sny Med said...

Today I was excited that it was going to be +6C, but it is so dangerous outside with ice all over the road. School buses were cancelled yesterday in my area due to ice rain.

Last March 9th I blogged about a snow squall, and about 10 days later blogged about my kids swimming in our backyard kiddie pool wearing UV suits!


Paula Schuck said...

It's too icy! I was slipping all over today.

Cheryl said...

These winters are so weird. We had bought Jillian her first pair of snow pants last year and she didn't get to use them! She's also never played in the snow... I'd like to fix that but today's 14 degree weather is putting a damper on that plan!