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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Do you see a winter wonderland?

Christmas is over.  The strings of lights are boxed up and the decorations are also tucked away until next year.   For me, it is now a matter of getting through the winter and counting down the days until to spring.   It is such a chore to put on the layers needed to go outside and an even bigger chore when getting the kids ready to go out, as well. 

I just don't think I am a winter person, I would much rather have the windows open and the sun shining in.  But, what can I do?  Living in Canada my whole life, you would think I would be a winter enthusiast! 

I think I will just have to make the most of the season and enjoy being snuggled up in a hooded cotton pullover with a favourite novel, or maybe a travel magazine.    The winter is a great time to find a new hobby or rekindle the love of an old one.    I used to know how to knit in a very limited capacity, and often wish I could pick it up and knit myself and children beautiful button down cardigans to keep us warm this winter.

Honestly, I really wish I could embrace the cold and snow during  the winter months.  It can be very pretty, especially when freshly fallen snow is sitting on evergreen branches and roofs of homes.   With a January thaw predicted this week I will enjoy the little taste of spring before the snow and cold returns next week!  

So, when you look out your window during January do you see a winter wonderland?  Or, do you cringe and pull the blankets up over your head and wish to hibernate until April?

1 comment:

noradolan said...

I'm with you; in even Halifax, which doesn't really have a bad winter, I have the january blahs.bring on the flowers and sunshine!