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Monday, January 14, 2013

A Winter Warm Up at the Spa

As I age, it appears that the chill of winter seems to settle deep into my bones.  Some days it seems next to impossible to get warmed up.  I'll dress in multiple layers and sit right by the fire and yet I am shivering.   In recent years, I've found that taking a day to pamper myself is exactly what the doctor ordered to shake off the cold of winter.  The perfect way to pamper oneself  in mid-January, is spending the day enjoying a luxurious spa package

There is nothing quite like a relaxing spa massage to rejuvenate the mind and spirit and awaken the senses.    A massage will not only relieve stress and tension, but also help with renewing energy when the winter blahs hit.  When looking for a spa, find an experienced location which has developed their massage by taking cues from different techniques from around the globe.   A relaxing spa massage is the prescription needed to ease those aching muscles and warm the body.

Enjoying a massage is just the beginning when visiting a favourite spa.  Be certain to take the time to enjoy a facial and a pedicure!   Our Canadian skin can become pretty dehydrated and dry during the winter months, and a facial will do wonders for our winter weary faces.   Shoving our feet into boots day after day will cause our toes to cry out for attention.   A little foot massage, and exfoliation will make leave feet healthy and pretty too.

A day at the spa with friends, hubby, or even just alone will leave your mind and body warmed and glowing from top to bottom.  It is the perfect solution and a much needed boost  to get us through the bleak days of winter - until the warm sunshine of spring returns.


Brandi Yee said...

I've actually never been for a massage (gasp!), but have heard many good things. I bet it's relaxing!! And I love the idea of "warming up" at the spa...as I get the chills So easily :)

Torviewtoronto said...

that looks so good I think I need a massage right now

Christine Culley said...

One thing I love, is the spa! I too have difficulty getting warm and love going to the spa for a good winter warm up. Also helps my mind finally relax, something that is quite hard to do.

Winter sucks! But winter does encourage a lot of good excuses, like going to the spa or say, Cancun for a massage!

Little Miss Kate said...

Ohhh I would love a day at the spa - I will have to settle for the mani/pedi that I have booked this week.

Cheryl Kirkness said...

I really need a spa day - I'm way overdue for some pampering! I used to go weekly before kids now it's been months since I've been.