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Monday, December 24, 2012

Relief from dry skin ~ Silk Body Creme {#holidaygiftguide}

Hearing the wind blow outside my window, tells me that old man winter has arrived.  The cold weather is settling in and I've cranked the heat up in my home.  I don't completely hate winter - freshly fallen snow can be very pretty.  What I don't enjoy is how my skin becomes dry and itchy.

From my early teens I can remember how uncomfortable I would feel in my own skin. Itchy and oh, so dry.

I am an addict to lotions and creams.  I am on the constant search for the perfect one.  Often I react to the ingredients, and my skin turns red.  It seems to be a constant struggle to find a cream that does what it claims to do,  Silk Body Creme is an all natural lotion, which I was sent to give a try.

I received a beautiful purple pump bottle of the most amazing smelling Silk Body Creme.  It was called Cha Cha Sugar.  Silk Body Creme was created by an entrepreneur named Valerie, who lives in the United States.  She started her business as a result of an inability of finding a commercial cream which offered relief to her dry skin.

Cha Cha Sugar is a luxurious creme which glides on smooths and absorbs quickly, and leaves the skin feeling nourished.  I love that I can use it as an all-over body lotion, and as a hand lotion as needed.   The scent is delicious!

Visit Silk Body Creme to find a great selection and variety of fragrances and products.  A gift from Silk Body Creme would be lovely this time of year, or any time really.   This is a product made with care and love and it shows!

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